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Thanks for this recipe! Quite simple to prepare and huge on taste. I was surprized how great it turned out...I used chicken with bones (backs & legs) and skin and omitted the ghee.

Jan 13, 2019 Durr e shehwar Faisalabad

Lahori chargha recipe is completely unique to me so I thought of making it as I heard it for the very first time in my life. Indeed it was very tasty and delicious and thanks for sharing.

Jan 01, 2019 Aisha Saif Karachi

The amazing spicy and red color of this Lahori chargha was amazing. It really looked like some Lahori food which I love the most. I tried it at an evening party and it was all eaten. The recipe is very easy and tasty.

Nov 07, 2018 Javeria Faisalabad