Chicken Nihari by Chef Zakir Recipe

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• 1 kg whole Chicken
• 2 Onions (slIced)
• 1 cup whole Wheat flour
• 3 tsbp Ginger, Garlic paste
• 2 tbsp sounf (Fennel seeds)
• 2 tbsp sonth (dry Ginger)
• 1 tbsp Garam masala powder
• 3 tbsp red chili powder
• 1 cup Ghee

How to make Chicken Nihari by Chef Zakir


1. Place sonf and sonth on mulmul cloth and tie this like a pouch.
2. Cut chicken in 8-10 pieces. Use chicken with bones.
3. Heat up ghee and fry onion, when softened, include chicken, increase flame and mix.
4. Cook till chicken color changed little bit. Place fennel seeds pouch in chicken and cook more till water of chicken dry.
5. In one cup of water include ginger, garlic paste, mix and add to chicken with salt; mix well.
6. When it starts boiling include red chili powder and cook well until water of ginger, garlic paste dry. Slower the flame.
7. The onion will mix in gravy then add water as much you want its broth. Ideally 2 glass of water.
8. Check salt at this point, cover and increase flame.
9. Mix lal aata in 1 cup of water, include paste in gravy slowly to thick it. Don't add all paste at once. It’s up to you how much thick gravy you want. Mix on high flame.
10. Mix garam masala in ¼ cup of water and include it in thick gravy, mix and cover.
11. Keep it on dum for 2-3 minutes (don’t cook after adding garam masala just keep on dum).
12. For an excellent result, turn off the flame after dum and leave it 3-4 hours (don’t uncover it).
13. Take out chicken and ghee which is on top from gravy.
14. Separately heat up gravy before serving.
15. Place chicken in a serving dish, pour hot gravy and ghee on top, garnish with ginger slice and serve.

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Reviews & Comments (54)

Salma - Chaman Jan 08, 2018
Kfoods always bring us the recipes of such foods to us which we cant even imagine to make without consent of our ammas and saasumaas. Nihari is a very typical dish but this recipe is just so easy that I cant wait to make nihari and just amaze my family
Hooria - Islamabad Nov 26, 2017
chicken nihari is the one i liked the most as compared to beef or mutton nihari. Chicken nihari is easy to make and costs lower than others. It is my favorite nihari, i made it with shan masala but now i would make it with this recipe.
Hareem - Jaccobabad Nov 19, 2017
Chef zakir is the best and my favorite chef and I want to follow all his recipes. Today I looked to make nihari that's why I searched nihari recipe particularly from Chef Zakir and I found it here at kfoods. I will try it.
Tooba - Rawalpindi Nov 12, 2017
Wow nihari , can be made at home? wow....its very yummy i always like nihari and when we visit Karachi to our cousins' home, they take us to nihari restaurants especially the one i remember is Javed nihari. So I remembered it's taste. I am very happy to know and will make javed nihari myself.
Samina - Hyderabad Nov 05, 2017
Nihari is my favorite dish, whether it is summer or winter, I love eating nihari. Some people avoid nihari in summers but I eat because I am bit addicted to it. I would love to eat this homemade nihari as well by chef zakir.


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Chicken Nihari Recipe is a Pakistani & Indian dish. Chicken Nihari Recipe is a mild flavor curry that has its own distinct taste. Chicken nihari Pakistani recipe by Chef Zakir is made with chicken meat. So guys, if you are a chicken lover, then follow this recipe and prepare mouthwatering Murgi Ki Nahari. Nihari has a fiery spicy stew consisting of slow cooked mutton, beef, and chicken. The word nihaari originates from Arabic word nahaar which means early morning. The name nihari was so given to the dish because it was originally enjoyed in the early morning. The traditional nihari is made with shank meat of beef or lamb and mutton but now a day’s innovations have been done with the dish and chicken nihari is also being made. When your nihaari is prepared, grab some hot naans from the nearest tandoor wala and enjoy the dish with green chilies, ginger, brown onions and hot naans. Also give us reviews if you like the recipe.


How to Make Nihari

How to Make Nihari

18 Dec 2014
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