Top 12 Iftar Buffet Deals in Karachi 2018

1.California Pizza

California Pizza Iftar + Dinner Deal 2018 Karachi (Iftar till Sehri)
Deal 1:
2 Pan Pizza, 2 soft drinks (300 ml)
Price: Rs. 599 + Tax

Deal 2:
1 Regular Pizza, 1 Mexican sandwich, 1 Drink (1.5 litr)
Price: Rs. 1199 + Tax


Nando’s Iftar + Dinner Deal Karachi 2018

Deal 1:
2 Quarter Chickens, 2 Regular Sides, 2 Soft drinks, and 3 FREE PERi-PERi Bites with Dip.
Price: Rs. 850 + Tax

Deal 2:
2 Quarter Chickens, 1 Regular Spicy Rice, 1 Regular PERi-PERi Chips, and 2 Soft drinks.
Price: Rs. 1100 + Tax

Deal 3: 4 Quarter Chickens, 2 Regular Spicy Rice, 2 Regular PERi-PERi Chips, and 4 Soft Drinks.
Price: Rs. 2100 + Tax

3.Pizza Max

Pizza Max Iftar Deal 2018

Deal: All You Can Eat. Unlimited Pizzas, Salads and Drinks!
Price for Adults: Rs. 799
For children under 10 years: Rs. 499

4.Angelini’s (Port Grand)

Angealini’s( Port Grand ) Iftar Buffet Deal Karachi 2018

All You Can Eat. Unlimited Pizza and Drink!
Price: Rs. 999 (without tax)


Kababjees Iftar Buffet Dinner Deal Karachi 2018

Buffet Iftar + Dinner. All You Can Eat! Appetizers, Main Course, Salad, Beverages and Dessert. (Does not Include Water or Soft Drinks)
Price for Adults: Rs. 2100 (without tax)
Children under 10 years: Rs. 1300 (without tax)
Children under 4 years: FREE!

6.Salt n Pepper Village

Salt n Pepper Village Iftar Buffet Deal 2018

Deal 1:
Iftar Cum Dinner (Till 9:00 pm)
Price: Rs. 1495 + Tax
Deal 2:
Regular Dinner with 50% Discount. (9:00 pm to 11:30 pm)
Price: Rs. 750 + Tax


Chachajee Iftar Deal Karachi 2018

Samosa (2 pcs.), Haleem, Chicken Ginger, Mix Chaat, Fruit Chaat, 2 Naan, Raita, 2 Drinks (330 ml), and 2 Dates.
Price: Rs. 750


McDonalds Iftar Deal 2018

Deal 1:
1 McChicken, 1 pc Crispy Chicken, Regular Fries, and Medium Drink.
Price: Rs. 475

Deal 2:
1 Spicy McCrispy, 1 pc Crispy Chicken, Regular Fries, and Medium Drink.
Price: Rs. 575


KFC Iftar Deal 2018

4 Zinger Burgers, 4 Pcs Chicken, 4 Peek Frean’s Cake Up, 1 Bucket Fries, Pepsi (2.25 litr), 1 Lays Party Pack, and 4 Samosas.
Price: 1695


Hardee’s Iftar Deal 2018
Deal 1:
1 Famous Star Burger, 2 Chicken Fillet Sandwiches or Grilled Chicken Sandwiches, 3 Pieces Chicken Tenders, 3 Fries, and 3 Drinks.
Price: Rs. 1499

Deal 2:
1 Famous Star Burger, 1 Chicken Fillet Sandwich or Grilled Chicken Sandwich, Chicken Tenders, Fries, and Drinks.

11.Café Zouk

Café Zouk Iftar Buffet Deal 2018

Iftar Dinner (Appetizers, Main Course, Beverages, and Desserts)
Price: 1,799 + Tax (per person)

12.Cafe Bistrovia

Cake Bistrovia Iftar Deal 2018

All You Can Eat!
Price: Rs. 689 (Per head)

Iftar Buffet Deals in Karachi 2018 - Ramadan is a Holy month that all Muslims look forward to as it is the month of blessings. However, there is one more thing to look forward to in the month of Ramadan - a great meal after a whole day of fasting! What’s more amazing is if they come with great discounts. Yes, you heard that right! If you’re planning to go out with your family and friends for Iftar with a limited budget and many bellies to fill, fear not as many restaurants throughout the city are giving out mouth-watering Iftar Buffet Deals in Karachi 2018. So, to save you money, we have compiled a list for Iftar with some of the top Ramadan Iftar Buffet deals in Karachi for 2018. It doesn’t matter if you like fast food, barbecue, continental dishes, Chinese cuisine or traditional Pakistani dishes, because everything’s here in this list for your convenience.

Top 12 Iftar Buffet Deals In Karachi 2018

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Top 12 Iftar Buffet Deals in Karachi 2018

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