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Muslim Boys Names with Meaning

Names Meaning
Abdullah Servant Of Allah, Obedient, Name Of Prophet’s Father
Sameer Jovial, Beneficial, Entertaining Companion, Good Friend
Burhan Proof, Evidence
Maaz Brave Man, Refuge, Shelter, Companion Of Prophet
Kabir Great, Aged, Senior, Venerable, Reverend, Respected
Mohammad Praiseworthy Glorified. Mohammad - Founder Of The Islamic Religion. Many Names And Variants Used For Mohammad
Nihal Romantic, Joyful, Newly Planted tree, young tree
Zohaib Leader, King, Gold Or Ocean Of Knowledge
Hashir One Who Assemble, Collector, Prophet’s Name
Owais Fearless, Experienced Person, Companion of Prophet
Ayman Lucky
Sarim Brave, Courageous, Sharp Sword
Sufian Fast Moving, Light, Nimble, Companion Of Prophet
Kashif Reveler, Explainer, Discovered
Mustafa Chosen, One Of Prophet Mohammed'S Names
Mehdi Guided To The Right Path, Rightly Guided
Nadeem Variant Of Nadim: Companion, Confidant, Friend, Repentant. Regretful
Ammar Long-Lived, God-Fearing, Pious
Aqib Final, Successor, Following, Subsequent
Taimoor Self-Made, (made of) Steel, Strong
Yasir Wealthy
Khalid Eternal, Immortal, Never-Ending, Everlasting
Irtaza Favorite, Chosen, Pleased, Satisfied
Taha Pure, Mystic, Name Of a Surah, Prophet’s Name
Tahir Pure, Clean, Chaste
Ahad One, Unique, Matchless, Another Name For God
Hanzalah Pond, Water, Ditch, name of companion on Prophet
Arslan Lion, Brave Man, Warrior In Afghan
Abir Aroma; Strong
Ali Eminent, Noble, High In Rank
Samar Fruit, Outcome, Conversation During The Nights Of The Desert
Hadi Guide, Leader, God’s Sanctuary Name, Mentor
Ismail Heard by God, Gift from God, A Meaningful smile
Mateen Strong, serious
Meraj Ladder, Status the rise
Izhaan Submission, Obedience, Follower of God's Rules
Usman Wise, Most Powerful
Danish Knowledge, Wisdom, Consciousness, Intellect
Shifa Healing
Raqeeb Rival, Competitor, contender, Challenger
Saim Who Is Fasting
Mohsin Gentle, Humanitarian, Benefactor, doer of good deeds
Rayyan Door Of Heaven, Beautifier, Luxuriant, Plentiful
Arham Mercy, Compassion, Kindness
Hamza Lion, Competent, Brazen, Brave man
Rakib Servant of the Observer, servant of Allah, controller, supervisor
Saif Sword, Sabre, symbolic Of Liberty and Strength
Imran Happiness, Prosperity, Great pleasure, Exalted Nation
Hooman A Character In Shahnameh
Ayaz Cool Breeze, Night Breeze, A Servant Of Sultan Mehmood
Zayan Beautiful, Hospitable, Graceful
Kiyan Being, Existence, Essence, Surname Of Persian King
Huzaifa Wise, Intellectual Man, Having the ability to perceive, A Name Of Prophet’s Companion
Saqib Brightness, Glittering, Shining Brightly, Sharp
Ahmed Praise Worthy, Noble, Commendable, Name Of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
Umar Name Of The Second Caliph
Ahnaf The straight path, worshiper of Allah
Aman Safety, Protection, Peace
Talha Kind Of A Tree, Fruitful Tree From Heaven, Companion’s Name
Faris Perspicacity, Also A Horseman Or Knight
Abbas Lion, Stern, Serious Grim-Faced
Mehtab The Moon
Nabeel Noble, honorable, highborn, distinguished, intelligent, dexterous
Shoaib Who Shows The Right Path, A Guide, Name Of Prophet
Aaqib In Sindhi meaning is : Follower
Rashid Rightly guided, Having the true faith, wise, judicious
Ibrahim Intimate friend, Father Of Multitude, Prophet’s Name
Wasim Handsome
Ashar Wise, Prudent, One Who Has Wisdom, Liveliness
Azaan Call To Prayer, Power, Strength
Faraz Elevation
Ahsan The Best Of All, Better, Superior.
Sajal Moist
Alam The Whole World
Rayan Soft touch, Fresh, paradise gate
Aabid Worshiper, One Who Worship Allah, God Knows
Zain Beauty, Adornment, Graceful Boy
Abu-Turab Clay’s Father, An Attributive Of Caliph Ali
Shahbaz Hawk, Brave boy
Zahid Devout, Ascetic. One Who Renounces The World And Is Fully Devoted To Allah
Samir Entertaining Companion
Tabassum Smile Happiness
Hamdan Praise Worthy, The Praised One, Variation Of The Name "Muhammad"
Ward In american meaning is : Guard
Mahin Greatest
Rahman Gracious, Compassionate, 'An attributive name of Allah(SWT), Kind, Merciful
Arshan Strong And Brave Man, A Character In Shahnameh (Kavous' Brother)
Riaz Meadow, Garden, land with beautiful grass and flowers
Aasim Shield, Protector, Guardian, Rescuer
Mudassar Enveloped in Garments, Wrapped in, Dressed
Hazrat Presence, Dignity, Power
Ayaan Gift Of God, Reward, Generosity
Rehan Scented, Fragrance, A Fragrant Plant
Faisal Decisive, Judge, Authority, Arbitrator
Amaan Variant Of Aman: Protection. Without Fear
Raza Contentment, Satisfaction, Acceptance
Sajid One Who Prostrates, One Who Is A Devout Worshiper Of Allah,
Muslim Submitting Oneself To Allah
Arafat Mount Of Recognition
Mane Thinker, Thoughtful One, Great

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