Latest Muslim Boys Names with Meaning in Urdu

Selecting a name for your baby boy is a significant decision, one that reflects not only his identity but also your cultural and religious values. In the Islamic tradition, names often carry deep meanings, symbolizing virtues, attributes, or historical significance. To assist you in this meaningful journey, we present an extensive list of the latest Muslim boys' names with their interpretations in Urdu.

Latest Muslim Boys Names with Meaning in Urdu

Our collection offers a wide spectrum of choices, ranging from timeless classics to modern and distinctive names. Whether you seek a name that embodies qualities like strength, wisdom, or kindness, or you're interested in names that pay tribute to revered figures in Islamic history, you'll discover a diverse selection to explore. Names have the power to shape a person's identity, and choosing one with a meaningful significance can be an inspiring starting point for your son's life journey. Some names might honor the Prophets or reference attributes such as gratitude, courage, or righteousness.

As you delve into these Muslim boy names with their meanings in Urdu, take your time to find one that aligns with your family's cultural and religious heritage. It's an opportunity to connect your child with the rich Islamic traditions while bestowing a name that will become an integral part of his identity. Whether you decide on a name that evokes tradition or opt for a more contemporary choice, what truly matters is that the name resonates with your heart and encapsulates the love and aspirations you hold for your son. This carefully curated list aims to assist you in this important decision, providing a variety of options for you to consider as you embark on this cherished journey of naming your baby boy.

Latest Muslim Baby Boys Names with Urdu Meaning

Names Urdu Meaning Definition
Aayan عیان Evident, clear
Abdaal عابدال Worshipper of Allah
Afaan اَفان Lion
Ahad اَحد Unique, one
Amaan امان Peace, security
Anas انس Closeness, intimacy
Arhaan َرحان Eagle
Armaan اَرمان Desire, wish
Arsalan اَرسلان Lion
Arsh عرش Throne of Allah
Ashfaq اشفاق Compassion, mercy
Asim عاصم Protector
Ayaz ایاز Young boy, youth
Burhaan بُرہان Proof, evidence
Daniyal دانیال God is my judge
Ehsan اِحسان Kindness, favor
Faizan فیضان Abundance, overflow
Farhan فرحان Happy, joyful
Farooq فاروق Criterion for distinguishing right from wrong
Fasih فصیح Eloquent
Fayez فیاض Bountiful, generous
Fida فدای Sacrifice
Furqan فُرقان Criterion for distinguishing right from wrong
Haaris حارث Cultivator, farmer
Hassan حسن Good, beautiful
Ibraheem ابراهيم Father of nations
Idris ادريس Prophet of Allah
Ihsan احسان Kindness, favor
Ishaan عِشّان Gift of Allah
Ismail اسماعيل Prophet of Allah
Izzat عزت Respect, honor
Jaan جان Life, soul
Jaffer جعفر Brook, stream
Jahan جہان World
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