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Gulzar Hussain is a renowned celebrity chef and cooking expert of Pakistan. He was born on August 5, 1964 in Karachi, Pakistan. He obtained his elementary education in Pacsidal School situated at Nazimabad Karachi. After passing 10th standard, he completed his intermediate from National College (North Nazimabad - Karachi). He was a quick learner and an intelligent guy who is willing to learn what he sees. is presenting Chef Gulzar recipes, his detailed biography and a profile of his educational and professional life.

Chef Gulzar's professional career starts from Japan. He went to Japan to get the chef training and then he worked for almost 12 years to gain command over Japanese Traditional Cuisine. While working as chef in Japan, she liked her colleague who was a Thai-Japanese girl. She was very helpful to Gulzar Hussain and so one day he proposed her for wedding which was accepted. "That was the happiest day of my life!", Says Gulzar.

He married in 1994 with her and on the other hand, his father passed away in the same year. In 1997, Chef Gulzar Hussain sent his wife to Pakistan for Islamic Education and to assist her mother in household activities. Two years later his mother fell extemely sick, hearing this news he decided to return to Pakistan. He came back to Pakistan in year 2000 and after six months stay, he went to Thailand with his daughter and wife.

After getting settled in Pakistan, he opened a Thai Sea Food Restaurant in Defense Phase 2, Karachi. Gulzar Hussain designates himself as a co-ordinator of the restaurant. He started a morning show in 2005 on Hum TV. This was the gateway to his flooded public following and fame. He likes to eat Bar-B-Que, Sea Food and also to prepare these recipes in his show. Later he has been appearing in many other cooking programs on TV ONE, ARY, INDUS, AAJ and MASALA TV.

Birth Date:5th August
Zodiac Sign:Leo
Favorite Flower:Rose

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