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Roasted lamb recipe would give you an unforgettable food experience. Lamb meat is already very tasty and when it is served roasted, it has no match at all. It is my favorite recipe for Eid ul Adha and may be yours too.

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1) Lamb Loin 4 pieces
2) Salt & pepper (200 gms each) to taste
3) Corn Oil 60 ml
4) Potato (boiled & mashed) 400 gms
5) Saffron 5 gms
6) Salt & pepper to taste
7) Basil Leaves(fried in oil) 4
8) Rosemary sprig (dipp in tempura) 1
9) Beetroot (peeled, deep fried) 100 gms

For Couli:
1) Red peppers 2
2) Olive Oil 15 ml
3) Salt & white pepper to taste
How to make Roasted Lamb


1. Season lamb with salt and pepper.
2. Heat oil in a griddle and sear the meat on both sides.
3. Complete cooking the lamb loin in a preheated oven at 180c for 10 minutes.
4. Keep aside.

For Couli:
5. Grill red pepper till well done.
6. Peel under running water and blend with olive oil.
7. Make a puree. Season with salt and pepper.

Mashed Potato:
8. Add saffron to potato and season with salt & pepper.
9. To serve, cut each portion into smaller pieces.
10. Garnish each portion with a basil leaf and a rosemary sprig.
11. Serve with mashed potato, coulis & beetroot crisps.

Lamb meat is though not frequently eaten in Pakistan but in Arab countries, lamb meat has a regular use and therefore most of the lamb recipes are introduced from Arab region. If you get the meat of lamb on this Bakra Eid, make sure you make an oven roasted lamb dish as you will be having lamb meat available on next Eid ul Adha may be.

There are various dishes you can make with lamb such as vegetables lamb, roasted lamb shanks, roasted lamb rack recipe, Lamb Pulao and many other leg of lamb recipes. In Karachi, there are some restaurants offering delicious dishes made of lamb however it's main trend is seen in Gulf countries. offers a huge variety of lamb and sheep recipes introduced by Chef Zakir, Chef Gulzar and other top chefs of Pakistan.

Along goats and cows, sheeps are also considered for sacrifice on Eid ul Adha to some extent. If you sacrificed a sheep on this Eid or you receive some kilograms of lamb meat from your relatives or neighbors, you must utilize it the best way. Make a perfect roasted lamb recipe, as offered by here, or a spicy roast leg and let your family enjoy the Eid with different tastes.

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it is good that it can be prepared with oven . I always take help of ovens in my cooking and that is very much relaxing for my busy time. Pls keep posting such recipes.

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Asakm.. Ur recipe is so good.. I like roasted chicken or mutton.. Can u pls guide me hw to roast on a pan or gas stove of we dont have oven... Thank u!

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