Perfume Is Jaga Na Lagai

پرفیوم استعمال کریں، لیکن کہیں غلط جگہ پرفیوم لگا کر بڑا نقصان نہ کروا بیٹھیں

آجکل ہر انسا ن خوش لباس نظر آنے کیساتھ ساتھ یہ بھی چاہتا ہے کہ اس کی شخصیت پر کشش ہو ۔ ایسے میں بہت مختلف ہربے آزماتے نظر اآتے ہیں ان میں سے اچھے پر فیو م کا استعما ل بھی ایک ہربہ ہے ۔ پرفیوم استعمال کریں، لیکن شدید گرمی کے موسم میں بہت احتیاط کی ضرورت ہے کہ کہیں غلط جگہ پرفیوم لگا کر بڑا نقصان نہ کروا بیٹھیں۔
ماہرین صحت کا کہنا ہے کہ پرفیوم اور دھوپ کا ملاپ بہت خطرناک ثابت ہو سکتا ہے۔اگر آپ گردن پر پرفیوم چھڑک کر دھوپ میں نکل جاتے ہیں تو اس پر براہ راست دھوپ پڑنے کی صورت میں ’پوئیکیلو ڈرما آف سیواٹ‘ نامی جلدی بیماری پیدا ہو سکتی ہے۔ یہ بیماری جلد پر دھبوں کی صورت میں نمودار ہوتی ہے، جن میں کھجلی، درد اور شدید جلن ہوتی ہے۔ یہ دھبے دراصل جلد میں خون کی شریانوں کے پھٹنے کی وجہ سے پیدا ہوتے ہیں اور ان کے نشان ایک مدت تک باقی رہتے ہیں۔

Perfume is jaga na lagai

Perfume is jaga na lagai – Let us correct some traditional facts for you that you might have been carrying on for a long time. Many of us often blame perfume brands for not lasting till the end of the day and as a result splash more quantity of perfume on our body throughout the day. What many of us don’t know is that maybe we have been putting on perfume the wrong way all this time. Thus, the question arises, how can I make it last all day?

Turns out that there are many areas on the body that is best for spraying perfume, however, not many of us expect those areas to be any help. Then again, does our current method help make the scent of perfume last all day? Certainly not! Which is why, there are certain places you need to know that when you apply in the morning, the scene will not diminish by the hours. There are a bunch of areas you can spray perfume on that will make it last all day. The best part of all, your perfume will last a lot longer than it currently does!

You can use any perfume you want, but do not make a big mistake by putting the scent in the wrong areas!

These days, everyone wants to attract other people with their appearance and personality. However, there are many places where you should not be putting on perfume. When you put perfume on your neck and go out in the sun, the harmful sunrays can affect that part of the neck and cause a dangerous skin disease. Especially during summer, there is a lot of need for caution. This is why you need to know the areas where you can safety spray your beloved perfume on without taking any damage on your skin.

Health experts say that it can be very dangerous to wear perfume and directly go into the sunlight, especially if it’s sprayed on the neck area. It is because if sunrays reach your neck area with perfume on, it can cause sun allergy. This causes the skin to get irritated and further start to pain and itch intensely while causing rashes on that area. These rashes are actually caused by the rupture of blood vessels and they remain for a long time. To avoid this, always apply the perfume only behind the ear, knee, and elbow, even on your chest as these areas are covered with clothing and therefore will not be damaged by sunrays.

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