Fried Food, Yay or Nay!?

Few things in life are as sinfully pleasing as piping hot Frenchfries, crispy chicken fingers, delectable finger fish or gooey mozzarellasticks, being a foodie I solemnly swear by the moto “Food is Love, Food is Life!”and fried food generally is a drool-worthy guilty pleasure. Be it binge eating,stress eating, munching or comfort food, fried food definitely is meant forsatisfying the foodie soul in all of us.

The yummy fried delicacies are consumed by the young and oldalike even though the health freaks amongst us flinch with every bite, I know Ido. The only thing that keeps me away from munching on fried goodies round theclock is my fear of not fitting into my pants when I wake up the next day.

So recently after registering for the exorbitantly pricedfitness challenge, I sat myself down and tried to swear off fried food duringthe course of the challenge (sigh!)… Two days later my friends started speculating reasonsfor me being so devastated, I tried to beat about the bush but friends arefriends and hence they eventually figured out that the foodie in me was cryingtears of blood. One such nincompoop suggested I invest in an air fryermicrowave oven. So imagine my delight when I googled “What an Air Fryer Microwave Ovendoes?”

It basically said that I could eat all (read adequate portionsize, god forbid my trainer sees this) the fried food I wanted and stillconsume very little oil if I used an Air Fryer Microwave Oven to cook my food.This meant enjoying all my fried munchies, cooked in just a few drops of oil,without worrying about the fat content of the oil. Wow!!

Apparently with the introduction of Air fryer technology inmicrowave ovens,food can now be fried with one drop of oil. Interestingly, thetechnology has taken the healthy eating to the next level and fried food isn’t abig ‘NO’ anymore. By using an Air Fryer Microwave Oven, foodies like me won’thave to give up on eating their favorite fried goodies. It’s a service to thefoodie community, I tell you, one which all foodies will be in debt of.

This particular air fryer microwave oven can make healthy foodusing a combination of high performing heater and rapid air circulationtechnology, I am sure by now you’re scratching your head, wondering how onearth that happens, the airfryer microwave oven has the most advanced fan motoramongst all microwave ovens, this can generate powerful hot air flow which iscirculated through the food to fry it to crispy perfection from the outsidewhile maintaining the moisture and texture of food on the inside. The Airfryermicrowave oven comes with a special Airfrying Bowl; the pores in the bowl allowhot air to be circulated through the food facilitating air frying.It uses acombination of air, heat & very little oil for frying the food.

Let’s take the example of my beloved chicken fingers, thedeep-fried ones contain 23% fat. However, the air-fried chicken fingers haveonly 0.1 %fat content. Similarly 100 grams of fried chips has 8.2 % of fat,whereas air-fried chips have 1.5 % of fat only. Mind boggled, right? Sometimesresearch figures amaze me too.

So now my gradual progression to a fitness freak foodie isseverely aided by an Air-Fryer Microwave Oven and the recipe book that comeswith it. The best thing about this airfryer microwave oven is that there is alsoan in-built auto menu, which makes my life hassle free. I only have to choose whatI’m craving for from the list of 53 various desi and continental dishes andvoila!

On the other hand my cheat days are all the more eventfulthanks to the pizzas and cakes I can conveniently bake. So here’s a call out toall foodies, you don’t need to compromise on the fried goodness just rush outand grab one of these heavenly inventions and you’re all set for a healthierlifestyle.

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