Acha Pakao Acha Khao Aur Acha Socho ! Chef Iqbal

"Eat Well & Think Better!" A quote by Chef Iqbal, one of the favorite and top listed cooking experts of Pakistan. He is known as a recipe developer; currently associated with LAL-QILA restaurant in Karachi. He has conducted many successful cooking shows on top TV channels of Pakistan including Geo, Aaj, PTV, TV One and Waqt News. His remarkable success is the fruit of his dedicated and hard work throughout his life.

Team KFoods has conducted an interview with Chef Iqbal. Let's have a glance at his personal life and how he became a famous chef of Pakistan..

By shoaib  |   In Chef Interviews  |   0 Comments   |   7271 Views   |   17 Mar 2015
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