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Every woman wants to look beautiful. Lets here come to know some excellent beauty skin care tips including some latest make-up & hair care tips and style that enhance your beauty and make you attractive. So why are you waiting for, let’s find out the authentic latest beauty skin care tips & info to make you personality charismatic.

Chehre Ki Chaiyan Door Karne Kay Tarikay

Freckles on a face is very common issue in these days because of very hard working in sun light and dusty environment, dangerous ultraviolet rays of sun is responsible for damaging the skin. Here at KFoods sharing with you a very best tips & recommendations that helps you to maintain your skin specially face, these totkas are given by the well known experts. Mostly try to cover your face and body before you going outside the home, its much better to prevent sun dangerous rays to effect you body skin and follow the simple steps as describe below for you.

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How to Get Fat Cheeks Naturally

Cheeks are important part of your personality. Better cheeks on face determine better look of yours. Having fuller chubby cheeks play great role in reflecting a perfect appearance of your personality. In this article, will explain how to get fat cheeks with simple household remedies.

Some people naturally attain beautiful cheeks as they grow however some look running after it. Pale thin cheeks are always unattractive and for that reason men and women keep trying to get cheeks fat in order to give a perfection to their personality.

Here are the top 5 ways to gain chubby cheeks naturally.

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Secret Anti Aging Trick of Japanese Women

Today, you are going to discover Japan secret method for anti aging. Using this method would make you look 10 year younger than your age. The best thing about this secret is its ingredients which are always found in any kitchen.

This household anti-wrinkle remedy has been taken from a secret method of Japanese women. It is very easy to prepare and effective to get the desired results. If you are looking to remove face and skin wrinkles, you must try this secret trick.

The main ingredients of the trick are rice, milk and honey. Explore the complete method in this article in Urdu.

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Rang Gora Krny kay 5 Behtareen Tarikey

Skin whitening has always been a flight of fancy to women especially young girls. Most of them are tired of applying a big number of whitening creams, have emptied bottles of fair complexion pills or tired of visits for fair skin injections but finally every effort goes in vain. Remember, the best injections and pills are those provided by the nature.

Find here the 5 ideal ways for skin whitening, which totally make use of natural foods. Know how to use different herbs, fruits and vegetables to work for your complexion.

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Shampoo Karne Ki Galtian

Washing hair with shampoo seems an easy task but do you know you can make big mistakes while doing it?

While shampooing hairs, we unknowingly can make such mistake that we even don't know about.

Here we are going to discuss some woman shampoo mistakes that are very harmful to your hair.

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Coconut Oil Benefits for Hair, Dryness and Nails

It is no wonder seeing the peculiar benefits of coconut oil. If you got a little bottle of pure coconut oil, you have got a treasure with you. Other than a simple coconut, it's oil has a lot more for our health. You can apply it on hair and skin, add it to foods, drink it and rinse your mouth with it. And each of these acts would bring unique benefits to you.

Coconut oil is known as an effective remedy for dry hair; it helps for weight loss; it contains many nutrients for the skin; it removes bacteria from the mouth and whitens the teeth. These are yet little to know as it has many more for our health. is compiling here some exclusive benefits of this miracle oil. Read what it can do for you and get maximum of this healing oil.

(Make sure you always get pure coconut oil)

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Winter Lips Care Home Remedies

Find out the top 5 home remedies for lip care in winter.

As winter comes, keeping lips fresh and moisturized becomes a big challenge. Winter always comes with stern dry winds that largely impact the skin as well as lips. It is understood that cold weather in November and December is going to make your lips dry and dull.

Many Pakistani herbalists have suggested lips care and moisturizing tips. You would like to see pink lips tips by Dr Khurram here and for general lip care home remedies, read this article on.

It becomes a must for us to take care of lips in advance; otherwise they would be getting even worse.

Find here 5 easy lip care tips in winter with home remedies in Urdu (& English).

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5 Natural Remedies with Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is becoming a more common and in-demand thing among people especially girls. Extra-virgin coconut particularly is being used for many kinds of beauty and health purposes.

Main uses of extra virgin coconut oil for skin and hair include moisturizer, a natural remedy to make hair shinier and longer.

Moreover it also facilitates weight loss and reduction of bad cholesterol from the body.

Today we are going to tell you about the top 5 natural remedies with coconut oil for hair, skin and health.

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Top 5 Beauty Tips by Dr. Bilqees

Get the top 5 beauty tips by Dr. Bilquis Sheikh, the famous herbalist of Pakistan. Dr. Bilquis has been suggesting very useful beauty and health tips for girls especially. She appears in various television programs where she answers peoples' queries with solution to their problems. She has advised hundreds of tips so far which are very effective for girls and women in different scenarios. is presenting here the top5 health and beauty tips by Dr. Bilquis Sheikh which are about dry hair problems, fat belly, pimples, black heads etc. If you are a beauty tips seeker, do not miss this post. Read the best beauty tips from the famous Pakistani herbalist.

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How to Get Beautiful Hands and Feet at Home

Looking for hands and feet care tips? Right. Hand and foot require extra care, generally all the time but specifically in winter. Cold dry breezes in winter affect skin badly. It makes skin dry and rough and if not cared properly, it can lead to serious skin problems. We must know how to take care of hands particularly when climate is being changed. Beautiful hands and feet represent the true beauty of your personality. They improve your impression, make you attractive and beautiful. Read and know simple tips for skin care for winters in Urdu in this article.

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