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Every woman wants to look beautiful. Lets here come to know some excellent beauty skin care tips including some latest make-up & hair care tips and style that enhance your beauty and make you attractive. So why are you waiting for, let’s find out the authentic latest beauty skin care tips & info to make you personality charismatic.

Baking Soda Beauty Uses and Tips

Today we are going to share baking soda beauty uses and tips in Urdu that would help you a lot. These tips are easy, short and to-the-point.

Baking soda can help you with many kinds of health and beauty problems. Some of these are highlighted below however it's variety of usage and benefits is beyond our thoughts.

- Wanna get rid of pimples? - Wanna whiten your teeth? - Bad breath? - Fatigue problem?

All these problems can be resolved with baking soda.
Following are listed baking soda beauty uses in Urdu.

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Hathon Ki Jild Ko Jawan Banayen

Hathon Ki Jhuriyan Khatam Karne Ka Tarika.

One's age can be judged with the condition of his or her hands. According to aging experts, the aging affects on hands the first, and then on any other part of the body. Something similar happened with a woman who was of 46 but her hands looked like one's who is 70 year old. She then took some steps and with the use of those tips, her hand got younger, fresh and a very beautiful look.

Here is how to remove wrinkles from hands (hathon ki jhuriyan khatam karna).

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Tomato Ketchup Hair Conditioner and Face Mask

You must have bottle of ketchup at home and today we will show you how to use tomato ketchup for beauty of hair and face.

Tomato ketchup is an ordinary food condiment but it's not!

It is not an ordinary thing.

Tomato ketchup can be utilized as hair conditioner as well as face mask, so why would you buy costly things that wouldn't ensure the results too. is telling you how to use ketchup for beautification purposes in Urdu.

We will discuss two beauty tips:

  1. Using tomato ketchup as face mask
  2. Using tomato ketchup as hair conditioner
    plus a bonus tip:
  3. Using tomato ketchup for cleaning steel pots

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7 Uses of Baking Soda for Beauty and Skin

Find extra-ordinary uses of baking soda for beauty tips and skin benefits in Urdu and English as well.

Baking soda is a common kitchen item found in every home but it's benefits are amazing. It can help in many situations such as to remove skin acne, whitens teeth, improve skin complexion and help reduce rashes and itching.

Here are the top 7 baking soda remedies for beauty and skin whitening.

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Souffle Kahiye Bhai Aur Lagaye Bhi

Yeah, now you get to know you can not only eat but use souffle for skin beauty and health.

As far I know, people know about souffle as a sweet dish which is soft, made with baked eggs. Here we are going to tell you some amazing facts about souffle for skin beauty and moisture.

Souffle has emerged as a revolutionary product in beauty industry.

Following are the ways to use souffle for your skin.

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8 Foods for Shiny Beautiful Skin

Want to get a smooth shining skin?

Let's explore 8 foods for shiny skin explained well in Urdu here.

These foods are common everyday foods including fruits, nuts and vegetables.

Find about these foods and read about their usage and get on a way toward healthy shiny skin.

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Prevent Acne & Pimples in Rainy Season

Today we are sharing some very useful tips on how to prevent acne in rainy season. Read this article and get to know simple tips for rainy season and to prevent or treat acne, pimples and different other skin problems.

July and August are the months come with regular heavy rains throughout the country. Boys and girls with sensitive skin get pimples and acne on the face. Most of us are unaware of tips for skin care in rainy season. And therefore we don't know how to overcome this situation. Of course, you should rush to a doctor to take care of your skin problems however if you take some precautions, you can prevent acne and pimples in rain beforehand.

Find useful tips to prevent acnes in rain in Urdu below:

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7 Amazing Benefits of Lemon Peel (Lemon Ke Chilke Ke Fayde)

I'm sure you were not aware of lemon peel benefits that I am going to share with you. 98% of us throw lemon peels away after getting it's juice. We use lemon and its juice every other day. However you would be surprised to know that it's peel has many benefits for health, general beauty and skin.

We all know that lemon is full of vitamins. Correct!
But do you know that lemon peel contains 5 to 10 times more vitamins. Moreover it is also laden with calcium, potassium and other minerals.

Following are the top 7 uses of lemon peel (lemon ke chilke ke faide).

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Egg Use for Hair in Growth in Urdu

Today we are going to reveal an amazing use of eggs for hair growth especially for girls. Egg is laden with heavy amount of proteins and vitamins. Nutrients like vitamins, minerals and proteins are very helpful to achieve long, beautiful and shiny hairs. is telling how to apply egg on hair for dandruff and other problems. So girls, read this useful article and get on the right path to succeed for healthy hairs.

Following is the method to use eggs for hair growth in Urdu.

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Rice Water Benefits in Urdu

Here are 4 extra-ordinary benefits of rice water in Urdu brought to you by These benefits relate to your face and skin beauty and I would like special attention of girls on this.

Usually we drain out the rice water into the water ducts of our home. Why? because we never knew how beneficial rice water for skin is.

Let's elaborate how rice water can benefit us:

  • Skin Fairness
  • Pimples and Acnes
  • As Hair Conditioner
  • Eczema

Following are the beauty uses of rice water in Urdu.

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