Tamarind (Imli)

Meaning In English

The reddish brown, curved seed pods of a lovely tropical tree hold several large seeds encased by moist, sticky, dark brown flesh that varies from being very sweet to very sour. Tamarind is a large, handsome, symmetrical spreading tree. It has small compound leaves with yellow flowers and brown fruits. The fleshy pulp of the fruit is acidic. The tamarind fruit is used as a food crop and as a flavoring ingredient in a wide range of foods.

100 G Tamarind

Calories Fat Carbs Protein
239 0.6g 62.5g 2.8g

Tamarind (Imli)

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I love imle, what a beautiful tase, The tree of Imle is so powerful. Kuchi Imli key fayday kuch aur hain aur puki imli key fawaid kuch aur hain.

Oct 29, 2015 khurshid hussain khan karachi pakistan