How to improve the Skin Complexion

How to improve the Skin Complexion
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Lime or lemon juice, honey and turmeric have the bleaching properties. These things help remove tan and bleach the skin to make it fairer.
Take ½ cucumbers and grate it with peel on it, then strain it to get its juice. Dip a cotton ball in it and apply it over your face and neck.
Mix equal quantities of honey and lemon juice and apply it over your whole body. Leave it for fifteen minutes and then wash it off.
Make a paste of gram flour and turmeric with curd and mix ½ tbsp vegetable oil in it. Apply it over your body and remove it after gently rubbing over skin.
If you daily apply yogurt for 15 minutes before bath, you can make a sure improvement in your complexion.
Make a paste of milk powder, papaya, honey and milk. Apply it on your skin for 15 minutes and then wash. It will give instant glow to your skin.
Take oatmeal, yogurt and tomato juice. Mix all of them to make a paste. After it gets dry, wash it off.
Mix sandalwood powder and almond powder with milk. Apply it over darker areas of your skin and massage gently. Use this remedy regularly and you will notice a difference in your complexion.
Soak 4 almonds and 1 tbsp of urad dal in water overnight. In the morning, make a paste of it and apply it over your neck and face. Wash it off after it gets dry. It is protein rich mask and besides making your skin fairer, it will nourish it.
Soak 4 almonds in milk and grind them in the morning to make a paste. Apply this paste at night over your face and neck and wash it in the next morning.

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