Chef Asad Cooking Tips

Chef Asad is an artistic Chef who provides magnificent cooking recipes on Lazzat with Asad on Metro One. He is not only teaches the most delicious dishes from around the world, but he also give us tips that how can we cook more better.

Chef Asad Cooking Tips

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Assalamualaikum. Thanks so much for providing very nice Healthy tips! This tip will rarely come this Eid

  • Alina Naeem, Jul 30, 2020

Would i be able to utilize the some other pith rather than this Simple Without Oven Cake Recipe? It might be my first experience to make cake.

  • Tahira subhan, Jul 22, 2020

Very nice tip.. bohat asani hofgai is tips se mujhe.. is se pehlay mjhay ek anaar ka chila utarne mein 15 minutes lag jatay thyn .. aur ab is tareeqay se karti hun tou maximum 2 minutes lagte hein.. Thank You

  • Nahid bano, Mar 02, 2020