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For Chicken marination
1) 1 kg Chicken
2) 1 cup yogurt
3) 1 tsp zeera powder
4) 2 tbsp Ginger Garlic paste
5) 2-3 tbsp tikka boti masala
6) 2 tbsp Vinegar
7) 1/2 tsp Salt
8) 1/2 tsp red Chilli powder
For rIce
1) 4 Onions slIces
2) 1 packet shan sindhi biryani masala
3) 3 Tomatoes(cube cut)
4) 2 Potatoes(cut into 8 pieces)
5) 6 Green chillies
6) Coriander and Mint leaves as required
7) 2 Chicken cubes
8) 1 tsp black cumin
9) 1 kg rIce
10) 2 pinch yellow colour
11) 1/2 cup yogurt
12) 1 tbsp Ginger Garlic paste
13) Oil as required



1. put yogurt,vinegar,salt,tikka masala,red chilli,ginger garlic and white cumin powder in chicken for marination,leave it for 1/2 -1 hr.
2. Then spread some oil in the baking dish put chicken in it and bake till chicken tenders and become golden brown.
3. Bake on 200 degress till then chicken's water dry after that bake it on 120-150 degree in a separate pan put some oil and cook onions in it till golden brown.
4.Then put ginger garlic ,tomatoes,chicken cubes,cover it so that tomatoes become soft ,then mix it well,after that add potatoes,yogurt and green chillies.
5. When potatoes become tender then add sindhi biryani masala,mix it well.remove from stove,curry is ready.
For layers
1. spread 1 layer of boiled rice
2. sprinkle food colour
3. spread 1 layer of curry
4. spread coriander and mint leaves then again spread layer of rice
5. food colour
6. curry and coriander n mint leaves.
7. after that on the top put all the chicken pieces and spread balck cumin and brown crispy onion and 2-3 tbsp oil.
8. now cover it and let it cook for 10-15 mins on low blaze.
9. after 10 mins remove it from stove and mix it in that way that some rice are yellow
10. some white n some are orange.
11. serve it with chill raita n salad.

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I ate tikka biryani at some restaurant (I don't remember its name) however it was very delicious. Today I have got a chance to have this at home, I will fruitfully avail it. I am also looking for more rice recipes for cooking myself.

Mar 07, 2017 Afgan Hyderabad

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