Pre-Ramadan Preparation and Checklist

In Ramadan, we get up prior the Fajr, women make arrangements for Sehri, then we eat Sehri meal and offer Fajr prayers. After Sehri to Iftar time, we don't eat or drink anything. At maghrib time, we open the fasts with iftar. Women do prepare different foods, snacks and sharbats and drinks for iftar. Later we offer taravih prayers after Namaz e Isha. This is the lifestyle of we Muslims in the holy month of Ramadan ul Mubarak.

Since, we have to change many of our routines in Ramadan, we may prepare for these changes beforehand. The time to sleep, time to eat, foods you eat and also the time to go to work, everything is changed. Not preparing for Ramadan lifestyle may lead to problems, diseases, weaknesses and other issues. Considering all these factors, is providing some useful Ramadan preparation tips and checklist which you must observe before arrival of the holy month.

Spiritual Tips Prior to Ramadan:

Adopting Taqwa:

Ramadan fasting is not just to remain hungry and thirsty throughout the day but it is the means to adopt taqwa within you. Without adopting taqwa, fasting is meaningless. So if you want your fasting be accepted by Allah SWT, start adopting taqwa in your life and when Ramadan comes, you already hava adopted taqwa in your life.

Seek Closeness to Allah SWT:

Allah SWT said: "Fasting is for me and I shall reward it". This is clear. Try to get nearness to Allah, offer prayers regularly and prepare for Ramadan so that you may get the reward for your fasting.

Adopting Patience:

Ramadan teaches us the lesson of patience. When you fast, you feel hunger but you be patient for it; you feel thirst but you be patient for it. You also restrain your soul from all kinds of desires. Try to adopt the patience and be self-restraint prior to Ramadan so you are used to of it during fasting in Ramadan. The more you restrain yourself the better your fasting will be.

Food Shopping Tips and Checklist:

Many foods require quick consumption. If they are not used within due time, they may get spoilt and perished. You must buy foods for Ramadan wisely and timely. Here are some tips which would help you in buying foods for Ramadan. Ramadan Preparation Checklist

Fruits and Vegetables:

Though fruits and vegetables are being used on daily basis in Ramadan, however you must ensure that you do not buy them in a very large quantity. Some fruits and vegetables starts getting perished after 2 or 3 days. Also besides storing fruits and vegetables in refrigerator, also keep them in air for some time to increase their freshness.


Plan a weekly purchase for meats. Make a dedicated place for storing meats in your freezer. Do not buy meats for more than a week as it will keep losing freshness. If you are buying all kinds of meats i.e. chicken, beef, mutton, review the storage place in your freezer and also your meat cooking plan. Store meat in refrigerator unless you cook it.


Generally, breads are not used in Ramadan ul Mubarak for breakfasts however if you need to use for some recipes, make sure you store bread in a room, not in refrigerator. Bread is better to store at normal room temperature. Storing it in refrigerator makes it stale sooner. Do not buy bread for more than one day or two days at most.


There is not any problem in buying eggs in large quantity but you should store them wisely. Do not store eggs in the refrigerator as egg shells are porous and may catch sharp flavors of foods stored in the fridge. Instead you can store them in a carton or in a cabinet in kitchen.


Checking the stock and expiry dates of dairy products at least one week prior to Ramadan. If expiry is closer, you should bring new batch of dairy products for use throughout Ramadan. Often it is observed that food products either get short in the market or get more expensive, so you may better shop it before starting Ramadan.

Food Storing Checklist:

You must consider the storage of foods at least 1 week prior to Ramadan. Your freezer size will remain the same but quantity of foods to store will be likely to increase. Similarly, you would also have to store lots of foods in your kitchen. Here is how to organize foods during Ramadan.

Storing Dried Fruits:

Dried fruits are almost always there for storage. There may be dates, raisins, and almonds etc. Tip: Make sure you store dates in your refrigerator at first priority. In summertime, if you keep dates warm, they may be decayed and become unable to eat. Therefore, keep dates in refrigerator as first choice and store other dry fruits in jars in the kitchen.

Storing Ramadan Drinks:

There is a plenty of drinks in Ramadan. You may have Tang, Jam e Shereen, Rooh Afza, Limo Pani, Ilaichi Sharbat and so on. Tip: Store the drinks in kitchen cabinets while closed tightly so they may not get spoilt.

Powdered Milk

Milk has an extensive use during Ramadan in combination with such as Jam e Shereen, Rooh Afza, milk shakes and other drinks. Tip: You must ensure you keep powdered milk in tightly sealed containers to maintain the nutrition and energy they contain.


Most of the iftar recipes require use of sugar. Be it a milk shake or a sweet dessert, sugar is a must to use. Tip: Keep sugar in tightly sealed jar. Getting sugar moistened would make it lumpy and tasteless.

Ramadan ul Mubarak, 9th month of Islamic Hijri Calendar, the holy month with bliss and blessings is again around the corner. Ramadan 2015 or 1436 is coming closer to us with lots of prayers, spiritualities, opportunities and benedictions. When Ramadan comes, we see a totally new lifestyle. For a new lifestyle, you must know some useful tips to live, eat, pray and do other activities properly without falling ill.

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Pre Ramadan Preparation And Checklist

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Pre-Ramadan Preparation and Checklist

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