Kya Achar Aap Ki Sehat K Liye Mufeed Hai

Pickles can be good source of antioxidants, especially Decalepis hamiltonii or Swallow root. As the vegetables or unripe fruits are stored fresh without cooking, the antioxidants present in those vegetables or unripe fruits are preserved as it is. Antioxidants are those micronutrients that help in protecting our body against the attacks of free radicals. Free radicals are unstable chemicals that are produced during cellular metabolism.

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achar khane se motapa to nhi bharta hana?

Aug 08, 2017 sohni karachi

Acha khana chaye is sy ap ka hazma theak ho jata hy

Mar 11, 2016 Usman Sialkot

Achar khana chahiye q k is say dil khulta hai

Mar 16, 2015 Gul Munawar

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