5 Foods to Avoid at Iftar

1. Watermelon

Watermelon is a great natural food, it keeps us cool and hydrated however do not eat it at iftar. After eating watermelon, we have to avoid drinking water and also other food. That's why it is recommended to avoid eating watermelons at iftar time, so you can eat and drink everything else in the normal way.

2. Cold Drinks

Cold drinks are all made with artificial flavors and unhealthy ingredients. Cold drinks especially black ones are already known as harmful to health. And when you are empty stomach, it is highly recommended to avoid cold drinks at iftar.

3. Chocolate & Candies

Eating sweets like chocolate can affect the blood sugar levels, mood and blood pressure. If you cannot control your chocolate cravings, eat it later, on full stomach.

4. Sweets & Halwa

Sweets & halwa are made with ghee, milk and khoya. All its ingredients are heavy for the stomach. Eating them empty stomach can make digestion problems so avoid it before having proper meal.

5. Bazaar Snacks

Once the holy Ramadan begins, there is a big sellout of Bazar snacks everywhere. Samosa, kachori, aloo vada, pakora, chana chaat, jalebi and what not. But you know all these things are made the unhygienic way. You don't know how oily they are, quality of ingredients and oil they were fried in.
Instead try them at home:
Here are some delicious snacks recipes for iftar.

NOTE: Foods to avoid at iftar are discussed here as a general opinion. Consult your physician for specific health advice.

Must avoid 5 foods at iftar, if you want to stay fit and healthy.

Most of us do not take care of what we eat, how much we eat in Ramadan. It must be remembered that we have two eating times in the day in Ramadan ul Mubarak. When we eat iftar, we are empty stomach for around 15 hours (in Pakistan). There are many things to take care of while eating after the fasting.

Following are the 5 foods we must avoid to eat to break the fast.

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