Chef Zakir Cooking Class with KFoods Media Partnership

Karachi - June 05, 2015: A cooking class with Chef Zakir was arranged at Rangoonwala Community Center Karachi. stood as media partner of the event held in Karachi. Cooking class programme was arranged by Kulsoom Wasim and Hania Faisal from SS Productions Company. The class was arranged for 300+participants at Rangoonwala Auditorium Hall.

Brief Introduction of Chef Zakir:

When we talk about cooking, Chef Zakir is the most famous name of Pakistan. He is undoubtedly the topmost cooking expert, television chef and food personality in Pakistan. He has appeared on many television shows and cooking programs. He has been working with Hum TV, Indus TV and Masala TV, where he conducted different cooking shows and taught cooking to the people of Pakistan. Other than Pakistani cuisines, his expertise covers a number of international cuisines as well.

Programme Highlights:

Cooking class was started at 3:00 PM and went till 7:00 PM; Meanwhile, chef Zakir presented an introduction to the audience describing the event briefly. Following the introduction, he prepared mainly 3 dishes with instructions and demonstrations of every step involved. Later the class, a Question Answer session was conducted in which audience asked queries regarding the recipes of the class. Chef Zakir answered the audience's queries and also told useful tips for cooking.

Chef Zakir, using his expertise taught the following delicious recipes to learners in the class. He demonstrated cooking following 3 recipes to the class participants:

- Steak with Creamy Mushroom (An entree and main course dish) - Strawberry Soufflé (Savory dish and dessert) - Zinger Burger (A type of burger)

Post class, refreshments were offered to the audience. Media partners and sponsors of the event offered free samples of their products. distributed free serving dishes to the participants in the event.

Photo Gallery:

A cooking class by Chef Zakir took place at Rangoonwala Center Karachi. stood as media partner for the programme. Chef Zakir taught the audience some of his best recipes mainly Zinger Burger, Strawberry Souffle and Steak with Creamy Mushrooms. Class was arranged for more than 300 participants. There were different activities in the event including cooking class, question answer session, table manners awareness and free samples distribution. KFoods distributed serving trays to the audience.

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Ma na chef zakir ki class aur chef asad ki class attend ki chef zakir ki class me kuch samaj hi nahi aya. chef asad ki class boht behter thee . chef asad ki class ooooosum zaberdest new recipes amazing taste aur sub sa bhar kar down to earth hats of chef asad best pakistan chef waiting your next class

  • mrs tahir, karachi
  • Jun 11, 2015

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