Noodle Recipes

KFoods presents the most popular noodles recipes in Urdu, English and Video. Find chicken noodle soup, chicken chow mein noodles, noodle salad, Chinese noodles, vegetable noodles and a lot more. All recipes are easy and authentic, told by favorite Chefs of Pakistan.

Noodle is a staple food product made with a no-yeast dough. The dough is extruded, stretched, and rolled and then divided into different shapes. However, the most common shape of noodles is long thin strip. Noodles are also shaped into waves, tubes, strings and some others. Noodles are quick food, cooked in boiled water within a couple of minutes. Usually, noodles do not require any additional ingredient however sometimes it requires cooking with oil and salt. Noodles are either deep fried or pan-fried. Served with soup or sauce, noodles are eaten hot with plastic or wooden fork. Noodles can also be stored for a short period for use in future.

Noodles are a hot favorite food of kids. It can also be served at iftar table. Make it for your kids or your parents as an iftar food item. Find the recipes below.

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There has the Chicken Noodle Rolls recipe who we easily make that at home without get any trouble because here mentioned the whole recipe authentically, for this Ramadan its best for me.

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I am all glad and thankful to kfoods in light of the fact that the recipe page of this web sit is very useful for me to learn different method for the preparation of Chicken Noodle Rolls. Before that I was exceptionally weak right now, presently everyone like the flavor of the recipe which I make.

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