Vegetables Egg Noodles

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Boiled spaghetti stir fried with veggies and a mix of sauces. It is a mouthwatering, healthy and a quick fix spaghetti or noodle recipe.
1 med packet spaghetti
1 large carrot
1 packet beansprouts
10 mushrooms (closed cup)
2 large red onions
2 chicken breasts
soy sauce
salt to taste
cooking oil
How to make Vegetables Egg Noodles


Cut the chicken breast lengthways (kindly ensure its chunky and not too fine) and soak it well in lemon juice.

Put water in a hob or a large deep pan (sufficient for a med pack of spaghetti) and bring it to a boil. put spaghetti in the boiling water. let it boil for about 4 minutes. then lower the flame and let it simmer for 1215 minutes.

Chop the onions and mushrooms. cut beansprouts in half, not too fine. grate the carrot.

Take a large pan and put in about less than 1/4 cup of oil. Put all the vegies in and stir fry over a full flame. add in a generous amount of soy sauce and a bit of salt while stir frying.

Throw in the chicken (along with the veggies) after 30 seconds.

Fry the whole thing for about 5 minutes over a full flame. if you do it right, the chicken will be cooked before the vegies become soggy.

The spaghetti should be done by now. Drain the water and put the spaghetti on a separate plate.

Add in the vegetable and chicken. mix it well. take a can of pineapple and cut each slice into 8 pieces.

You''ll require about 4 slices for the entire dish. take mayonnaise (about 3 spoonfuls) and mix it well with the entire thing.
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