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Raita recipes are the must part of Pakistani kitchens. There is no home in Pakistan where raita is not used while having meals. Whether eaten everyday or once in a week, anyhow, raita is a must part of Pakistani and Indian cuisine. There are lots of raita types that are made with different vegetables. From cucumber raita recipes to gourd raita, there are loads of raita recipes and eventually different kinds of raaita are used according to the type of main course meal.

KFoods.com offers a big range of raita recipes made with different vegetables. Following are some different Pakistani raita recipes:

These raita recipes can not only be enjoyed with your everyday vegetable meals but also work well with lamb, mutton and chicken recipes. Imagine a mutton chop you eat with a touch of a cucumber raita. All these raaita placed at KFoods.com are wonderful in taste and also very easy to make.

You may be interested in raita recipes in Urdu at KFoods.com.

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what is mogra? Pleae share an image.

  • Pandit,

This is new recipe zeeray ka raita. i have made it, and make very delicious. Thanks kfoods for the new recipe

  • Shameen,

This is Awesome Baingan Ka Raita.. I have done last night .. And first time I make it.. So this is Delicious especially with every rice.. So thank you so much kfoods

  • Haima,