Baigan Raita Recipe

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1. 1 eggplant cut in 8-10 slIces
2. 1 Tea spoon full Cumin seeds
3. 3/4 Tea spoon Salt
4. 3/4 Tea spoon turmeric
5. ½ kg yogurt
7. ½ cup cooking Oil

How to make Baigan Raita


Cut thin slices of brinjal without removing the skin.

Spread the slices on a dish and sprinkle turmeric powder and salt nicely on both the sides.

Put oil in a pan to get hot, meanwhile beat the yogurt well and pour it in a bowl.

When oil is hot fry the brinjal slices and keep putting them in the bowl of yogurt.

when all the slices of brinjal are fried and added in the yogurt then with a spoon press them in the yogurt so that all of them are dipped well.

The oil in which brinjal are fried will have turmeric and will be turned yellow, fry cumin seeds in it and put this tarka on the yogurt and mix well.

Even after mixing in the yogurt the cumin seeds will retain their crunchiness and will have a unique taste of their own.

its a very different and eye catching raita, no one can imagine that a raita prepared from simple ingredients can be so unique in taste.

It is a good supplement with any vegetable specially the one which is not liked by all the family members.

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Baigan Raita Recipe in English is an easy and traditional cooking recipe to prepare at home. It provides you an awesome taste of Raita Recipes.


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