Gulab Jamun

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Khoya 300 gm
Cardamoms, peeled 5
Chenna (paneer/cottage cheese) 60 gm
Clarified butter (ghee) to deep fry
Flour 45 gm
Rosewater 2 drops
Saffron 1 gm
Soda bi-carb a pinch
Sugar 960 gm
How to make Gulab Jamun


1.Knead khoya and chenna gently together.
2. Dissolve soda bi-carb in 1 teaspoon water.
3. Add flour and soda to the khoya and chenna mixture.
4. Knead to a smooth, soft, dough-like consistency.
5. Make 24 balls and smoothen by rolling between your palms.
6. Boil sugar in 480 gm/2 cups water for 5-7 minutes till the syrup turns golden brown.
7. Pound saffron. Mix with cardamom seeds and rosewater concentrate to form the filling.
8. Flatten balls. Place a pinch of this filling in the centre, seal and roll into balls again.
9. In a kadhai (wok) heat ghee to medium heat.
10. Slide the balls, a few at a time, into the ghee then gently shake the pan till the balls rise to the surface.
11. Remove with slotted spoon and immediately immerse in syrup.
To Serve, remove the gulab jamuns to a serving bowl along with syrup and serve hot.
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