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Drink recipes exist in thousands of numbers. Same like the food recipes, there are thousands of different kinds of drinks recipes which mainly include shakes, juices, sharbats, beverages and so on. Drinks can be made with fruits, flowers, vegetables, herbs, and different other kinds of natural ingredients. Fruits drinks include fruit milk shakes, fruit lassi and fruit smoothies. Vegetable drinks include vegetable juices such as carrot juice, beet juice and cucumber juices. Moreover, there is a countless number of herbal drinks recipes which are mainly used for remedial purposes. One example of herbal drink is herbal tea which is used to cure fats as well as to attain other benefits of the herbs.

In summer season, fresh and cold drink recipes are in the limelight. People make fruit or flower-based sharbat which are effective for the body and also are pleasant in the taste. Milk shakes are also considered for drinking in summers as they are also cool, energetic, and refreshing in hot summer days. Juices are prepared in both summer and winter days. In summer, mango, banana, falsa and watermelon juices are in the focus whereas in winter orange, strawberry and malta juices are considered for drinking. Additionally, hot beverage drinks are also to be considered in cold weather such as Kashmiri tea is a famous winter drink of Pakistan.

KFoods.com brings all the famous drink recipes of Pakistan and India. Enjoy diverse kinds of drinks according to the time and occasion. You can also enjoy these drinks in the month of Ramadan with iftar.

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This sharbat is truly reasonable for the late summer season, I will likewise make it in home uniquely for the ramadan month this beverage give more fulfillment.

  • ghana,

Aap ke k bananay ke tariqay mein achi tou hay. but please tell me a how about this for the Diet?

  • arshia shehbaz,