Falsa Sharbat

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1 kg Phalsa
2 cups Sugar
4 cups Water
1 tsp Black salt
How to make Falsa Sharbat


Make 2 cups sugar syrup with 2 cup sugar and 2 cups water till thick, remove and keep aside, soak phalsy in 4 cups of water for 4 hours, now blend 2 or 3 times, then pass it through a fine sieve, discard the seeds, mix the juice and sugar syrup well.

Serve chilled with ice cubes and black salt.
Posted By: Momina Mehreen, Hydrabad

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This falsa sharbat is so refreshing! I read that it was refreshing but I didn’t know it would be this refreshing! I will keep making this falsa sharbat recipe at home and surprise my mom as well.

  • hania shah, karachi

Falsa sharbat is a prince charming for me in this incredible heat wave! Just moved to Karachi for Ramadan and I can’t believe it’s so hot. Falsa sharbat recipe is definitely the drink to have in this bizarre weather.

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Falsa sharbat recipe consists of the technique on how to make the healthiest recipe. Not only does falsa sharbat taste extremely yummy, it also restores your blood, purifies it and helps with other health problems, if taken every day.

  • Farah, karachi

Falsa sharbat is the perfect drink in this hot weather, especially if you’re looking for a drink with health benefits. My family always makes this recipe and it helps with many problems like cholesterol, diabeties and cools your body down.

  • hania shah, lahore

Now when someone talks to me about cooking and recipes, I tell her about falsa sharbat and ask to try it. Then I receive feedback, they then ask for more sharbat recipes, I got happier seeing their remarks.

  • Kanifa, sahiwal