Lemon Meaning in English

Lemon also Known AsCitrus Limon, Limboo, Limbu, Lime, Nimbu, Sour lime..Lemon comes under the fruit category. It is round, bulgy and green to yellow colored fruit. It has a tart taste, due to presence of citric acid and turns sweeter on maturing.These are ovoid or egg shaped, have sour to sweet taste, depending on their maturity. They have a nipple at the apex and may be slightly ribbed. When peeled, they give off a pleasant aroma from the oil glands. The skin may be thick or thin and the pulp is pale yellow colored, fragmented, juicy and acidic. There are ovoid seeds present at the core.

100g Lemon

Calories Fat Carbs Protein
29 0.3 g 9 g 1.1 g


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