Leek (Hari Pyaz)

Meaning In English

Leek is a type of vegetable, which belongs to family of onion and garlic. Leek is the stem, leaf or the stalk of leek plant and often referred to as a bundle of leaf sheaths. It has an onion like whit woody base, which is layered and can be chewed. It is light green in color, about the size of a pencil. It tastes somewhat like combination of onion and cucumber. In raw state, it is firm and crunchy. Smaller leeks are milder and more tender.Sliced leekFor slicing leek, first cut off the leaf layer and the root area and save it for other recipes. Wash and drain the white tender leak base thoroughly.

100g Leek

Calories Fat Carbs Protein
61 0.3g 14g 1.5g

Leek (Hari Pyaz)

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