Red pumpkin Meaning in English

Red pumpkin Also Known asKaddu, Lal Bhopla.Red pumpkin or Lal bhopla is poor man's source of carotene in India. Other sources (like apples, carrots) normally happen to be rather expensive when not in the peak of season. Red pumpkin, however, is 'in season' throughout the year unlike in the Western countries, where it is typically an autumn appearance. We are just beginning to discover the wealth of nourishment supplied by the mildly sweet flavored and finely textured red pumpkin. Red pumpkin is the member of the Cucurbitaceae family come in many different varieties. While each type varies in shape, color, size and flavor, they all have hard protective skins that are difficult to pierce that give them a long storage life.

 Pumpkin (boiled or baked, 100 gr): 33 Calories


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