Grapes are small oval or round berries enclosed with a smooth skin and translucent flesh. They are covered by a protective whitish "bloom". They come in three main varieties, namely, Table grapes, Wine grapes and Raisin/ dry grapes. Since there are many varieties of grapes available, it is obvious that they come in variety of colours like green, red, bluish black and purple. In general, grapes have a slightly crunchy texture and a dry, sweet and tart taste. When grapes are dried, they are processed into raisins, currants or sultanas. Grapes are packed full of essential nutrients such as Manganese, Vitamins (C and B6), riboflavin and pottasium. One of the most overlooked however is Resveratrol - this contains many antioxidant properties which studies have shown that this can be extremely beneficial. It is found in the skins and seeds of the grapes and is found in red wine, although there is a lesser amount in white wine too. Together, all of these mean that the benefits of grapes shouldnt be overlooked in your diet.

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