Gajrella ( GAJAR KI KHEER ) Recipe

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Preparation Time10 Min Cooking Time15 Min
Ready In25 Min

( 1) – Milk 1 ½ ltr.

(2) - Carrot ½ kg. Chopped in shape of sew.

(3) - 200 gm cadenced Milk .

(4) - Sugar 1 cup ( according to taste).

(5) - ½ cop grinded rIce.

(6) - 6-8 Green Cardamom powder

How to make Gajrella ( GAJAR KI KHEER )


Boil milk in a pan .When it starts boiling add crushed carrots in it. When it cook 5 min.add greinded rice in it.
Stir spoon continuously . When it milk become thick add condenced milk and sugar in it and cook it 5 min.
Sprinkle cardamom powder and serve in a bowl . Garnish with foil sheet called” warq”
It will better serve it chilled.


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Reviews & Comments (4)

Sima - RWL Mar 16, 2017
Hi, it is very easy to make. I have analyzed the recipe and found that it is very easy to make. And as I know it's taste, I am quite interested in making this gajar kheer. I will make it for sure, but now I need to visit market and buy a kg of carrots first.
hira - lhr Aug 01, 2013
niceee recepies
Saira - USA Jul 16, 2013
this very nice recipe
shadab ahmed - dubai uae Jan 05, 2013
very nice

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Gajrella ( GAJAR KI KHEER ) Recipe in English is an easy and traditional cooking recipe to prepare at home. It provides you an awesome taste of Desserts Recipes.


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