5 Mouthwatering Pakistani Sweets Dishes

1. Kheer

How to make kheer

Kheer is the primary sweet dish all over Pakistan. Even there are hundreds of desserts introduced, I must say finally:
kheer is kheer!
Step by Step Recipe for Kheer

2. Gulab Jamun

gulab jamun recipe

Gulab jamun is always there for sweeten the mouth. Whatever the reason of happiness, we Pakistanis always greet the merriment with gulab jamans.
Easiest recipe for Gulab Jamun by KFoods.com

3. Lauki Ka Halwa

chapli kabab recipe

Simple but scrumptious! Seems unbelievable to see bottle gourd vegetable turned into a delicious sweet halwa..
Here is the recipe of lauki halwa

4. Gajar Ka Halwa

how to make gajar ka halwa

Full of nuts and almonds, gajar halwa is a special sweet dessert for winters..
Get a simple step by step recipe for Gajar Halwa

5. Phirni

how to make phirni recipe

Phirni, a passion for sweet foodies!
See how to make a sweet phirni

Today, we are up here with 5 most eaten recipes of Pakistani sweet dishes - dishes that we never forget on occasions, festivals and in our everyday life.

Pakistani sweets are not only famous in Pakistan but also gain the fame across the seas and borders. Gulab jamuns, kheer, phirni, doodh dulari, rabri and rasmalai are some of the most delicious desserts in the world, at least for South Asians. KFoods.com picks the top 5 here and presents their step by step recipes.

Enjoy a delicious sweet with step by step kalakand recipe.

Explore the top 5 Pakistani dessert recipes in Urdu with step by step instructions and make your days sweeter.

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