Healthy Eating Tips in Ramadan

Healthy Eating Tips During Ramadan:

  • Keep moderate while eating either in iftar or suhoor. Eating unbalanced food along with excessive number of juices and drinks may lead toward serious health problems. So eat balanced, avoid too many drinks as well as sugary sweets.
  • Break fast with small things which contain natural sugar such as dates or figs. Breaking fast with dates is also a sunnah act. Fruit juice is also a good option.
  • Some of good combinations iftar combinations are soups, dates, milk, tea and porridge. All these foods are light; and they warm the stomach up for a proper dinner.
  • Avoid drinking too much water at iftar time as it may lead to serious stomach pain and health problems.
  • Eat fruits in iftar as it contains natural sugar as well as different kinds of healthy nutrients for the body. You can also eat nuts instead of fruits. A half or full glass of fruit juice can also be taken instead of fruits.
  • Eating sweets and desserts in iftar is not suitable as they will make you feel hungry after a little time.
  • Do not eat heavy foods at iftar; eating excessive food after long interval, it disturbs the digestive system. If you are looking to eat a proper dinner, eat it after a gap of at least two hours and make sure you do not eat too much.
  • At buffets and iftar parties, people fill their plates with almost everything available. In this situation, you would have to eat more even if you planned less. Fill your plate with few things to eat limited and moderate.
  • Don't sleep immediately after eating iftar but make a little walk or keep yourself engaged in some activity. Sleeping after iftar will make digestion slow and unproductive.

Now you must be aware of healthy iftar and suhoor food as well as healthy eating tips for Ramadan.

Do you want to stay fit in Ramadan?
Then you must consider healthy eating tips during Ramadan compiled and presented here.

As in Holy Ramadan, we change our lifestyles. We eat our meal times, change sleep and wake routine and lots of other things. Many people could not sustain the newly living style and fall ill. Either they eat too much or they suffer lack of water or minerals in the body. There could be many reasons that can cause illness and diseases of different kinds.

To avoid the troublesome situation, we must be aware about:
What types of food are eaten during Ramadan?
What should be our meal plan?
How much should we eat in iftar?

We shall be discussing some useful healthy eating tips in Ramadan below:

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