Halal Products You Can Consume in Pakistan

You may wonder why it is necessary to be informed about halal products in Pakistan. Given that it is an Islamic country, many presume that non-halal products are banned and thus, it is safe to consume all products. While that statement does hold true, there are rare exceptions where traces of non-halal ingredients can be found in products.

The problem is, many brands who do not use non-halal ingredients become the target of baseless allegations. This article uses research to inform you of food items that you can consume as a muslim:

● Lays Chips

Lays uses the flavour enhancer E-631 in its potato chips which can be extracted from either non-halal or halal sources (such as plants and fish). This is why the rumours that Lays Chips were not halal circulated on social media. However, official authorities like SANHA in Pakistan declared that Lays uses E-631 extracted from plants.

● Chillz Chatpata Potato Chips

Another chips brand that is safe to consume is Chillz. As the name suggests, its chatpata potato chips are more on the spicy side. The chaat masala and other ingredients in it are 100% halal so it is safe to consume.

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