Top 5 Green Masala Recipes

1. Bihari Green Karahi Gosht

bihari green chicken karahi

Karahi is the other name of desi taste. Prepare a green masala bihari karahi and enjoy karahi gosht in a different style.
Get the recipe for bihari green karahi gosht.

2. Haray Masalay Kay Aloo

haray masalay walay aloo

Hara masala aloo (green masala potatoes) is something very delicious you didn't discover yet. Enjoy it today.
Recipe for Haray Masalay Walay Aloo

3. Hara Masala Chicken Stew

hara masala chicken stew recipe

Have chicken home?
Why not taste a green chicken stew today?
Here is the recipe of hara masala chicken stew

4. Haray Masalay Walay Anday

hara masala anda recipe

Prepare a wonderful dish with green masala egg. Go green Eat green this day..
Haray Masalay Walay Anday Recipe

5. Balti Fish with Green Masala

balti fish with green masala

Balti green spice fish is an awesome dish you can enjoy if you have fish at home. offers its recipe in Urdu
Enjoy this unique fish recipe today!
Green masala balti fish

Go Green with Green Foods today!

Let's celebrate this 14 August with green masala recipes. tells you what to cook on the upcoming independence day of Pakistan 2016.

Some wear green, some join Pakistan processions on 14 august day, some listen to national songs, some make 14 august cakes
so what's left for the rest?
Household women who are at home, who do not know to make a cake?
So for them here are some green masala recipes. Cook special independence day recipes and enjoy with your family members and neighbors as well and go green this 14th August.

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Top 5 Green Masala Recipes I have a great time cooking But more than that I love my cooking and here is one my favorite Green Masala Recipes,that had been prepared by her A squid dish prepared with all basic ingredients with a zing of coconut, great aroma with lovely taste I try many recipes and found this recipes is quit easy and easy to make it.

  • Nida, Karachi
  • Nov 27, 2018

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