Tamatar Ki Mutabadil Ashya

Tomato is the only fruit which is used as vegetable in foods. By using tomatoes in cooking, foods get not only the taste but also better appearance. However these days, we are observing tomato shortage and people are unable to buy it.

Following are substitute for tomatoes in cooking a curry.

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Never Put A Lemon Wedge In Your Water Again

After reading this article, you would never put a lemon wedge in water or even on the edge of your glass.

Usually, in restaurants, piece of a cut lemon is attached on brim of your drink glass. Some people even soak it in the drink. Now according to the latest research, health experts have disclosed that it is home of bacteria.

Wet lemon is able to absorb 100% dangerous bacteria in it whereas in a dry lemon, this ratio is up to 30%.

Read more about risks of putting lemon wedge in water in Urdu below.

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Qurbani Ke Janwar Ke Ahkam

Qurbani Ke Janwar Ke Ahkam in Urdu.

Eid ul Adha is coming soon and we all have to buy either a goat, cow, sheep or a camel for sacrifice in the path of ALLAH SWT. There are some conditions of buying the animals according to Shariah. If you are planning to buy a cattle animal, read these conditions so that you buy the perfect animal for qurbani.

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Chips Ka Packet Main Itni Hawa Q Hoti Hai

Its really interesting for everyone that snacks bags or potato chips bags are half filled with Air. Now, I am telling about this secret.

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Ladies Handbags in Pakistan for Eid 2017

Find out the top 10 ladies handbags in Pakistan for Eid 2017. KFoods offers a big variety of female handbags however here are the 10 with most exotic designs. Whether be a girl or woman, handbags is a must. It not only fulfils the basic need of carrying small belongings but also reflects as a fashion item. offers great stuff for women including handbags, lawns, dresses, jewelry and many more. View full collection of female handbags for Eid 2017 and buy here online at

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Top 10 Jewelry Designs for 2017

Let's explore the 10 most beautiful jewellery designs 2017 for girls. Although there is a vast variety of Eid and bridal jewelry designs in Pakistani fashion, however we have picked the top 10 for you. These exotic designs are perfect for girls and women of Pakistan. Most of the designs we have presented are necklace and earring sets that you can buy online at

Fine Jewelry Trends 2017

Selection of jewellery describes the women. It reflects what you are and how you want to look like to the world.
Women jewelry consists of different ornaments such as earrings, necklace, finger rings, nose rings, hair jewelry, bracelets and bangles. The most common in these are earrings and necklaces that's why we have presented here top 10 women jewellery designs for 2017.

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Iftar Buffets Deals Karachi 2017

Looking for iftar deals in Karachi?

Alright. Find here a list of 20 iftar and dinner deals in Karachi for 2017. presents a list of 2017 buffet in Karachi. Scroll down to find the suitable one for you.

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Top 10 Lawn Brands in Pakistan

Trend of women lawn is growing in Pakistan. Women like to buy stylish summer, mid-summer and spring lawn. So we decided to enlist the top 10 lawn brands of Pakistan. We have made a research, viewed their designs and finally prepared a list of top 10 women lawn sellers in Pakistan.

Buy latest collection of lawns 2017 here.

Below is the list of lawn brands in Pakistan that not only introduced but also offered stylish lawns and women dresses.

  • Gul Ahmed Lawn
  • Al Karam Lawn
  • Bareeze Lawn
  • Nishat Linen Lawn
  • Khaadi Lawn
  • Sana Safinaz Lawn
  • Sapphire Lawn
  • Asim Jofa Lawn
  • J. Lawn
  • Firdous Lawn

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Trending Women Lawn Suits 2017 - Summer Fashion Collection

If you are looking for beautiful lawn for summer 2017, We are offering the top 7 designs for you. Each design containing three to four colors each as market trend.
Here is the most well known lawn prints as Star Classic Lawn, VS-Signature Series and Ayesha Lakhani Lawn un-stitched suits.

Branded Lawn suits are trending all over Pakistan. Every year, their summer collection comes with graceful suiting, beautiful mix of colors, quality fabric as well as stitched and semi-stitched lawns.

So explore the dresses here and grab yours before it's sold out!

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Shatar Murgh (Ostrich) Meat Benefits

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