How to Make Mooli Paratha

how to make mooli paratha
Add salt to flour and knead with water. Keep aside for 15 minutes.

how to make mooli ke parathay
Make round balls of kneaded flour.

muli ke parathe
Wash radish, peel off and grate.

mooli paratha recipe
Add grated radish, oregano, ground green chillies and ground ginger to frying pan.

mooli paratha recipe in urdu
Mix well with radish and cook at medium heat.
mooli paratha pakistani recipe
When radish water is dried, add black salt, chopped mint and mix well.
Switch stove off. Filling has been prepared.
radish paratha recipe
Flatten flour ball like roti.
how to make radish paratha
Place filling mixture and fold all corners inwards making a square shape.
how to prepare radish paratha
Now flatten it again.
mooli paratha banane ki vidhi
Heat griddle and bask paratha.
Once basked from both sides, apply oil or ghee and fry.
mooli ke parathe
Delicious mooli paratha is ready.
Dish out and serve.
muli paratha banane ki tarkeeb

Preparing Mooli Paratha


  • Radish: 1/2 kg
  • Salt: as per taste
  • Ginger: 1 inch piece (ground)
  • Oregano: a pinch
  • Black Salt: a pinch
  • Green Chillies: 3 to 4 (ground)
  • Mint: 2 tbsp (chopped)



To Make Paratha Filling:
  1. Wash radish well, remove the peel and grate.
  2. Grind green chillies and ginger.
  3. Mix grated radish, oregano, green chillies and ginger in a fry pan and cook at medium flame.
  4. Once radish water is evaporated, add salt, black salt and mint and mix well.
  5. Remove from the stove.
  6. Radish paratha filling is ready.

To Make Paratha:

  1. Form small round shapes of kneaded flour.
  2. Flatten a piece of kneaded flour like flatbread (roti).
  3. Place 2 tablespoon radish filling on it and fold paratha inside from four corners similar to the making of square paratha.
  4. Flatten that square piece of flour, prepare all parathas that way.
  5. Now place griddle on the stove and bask paratha.
  6. Once basked from both sides, pour oil or ghee over parathas and fry.
  7. Similarly fry all parathas.
  8. Delicious mooli parathay are ready to serve.
  9. Enjoy with raita and chatni.

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Prepare delicious stuffed mooli paratha and change the way you do breakfast, lunch and dinner. Have it with a spicy chatni, raita and pickle; you would love it's delectable taste. As paratha is one of the most famous food here, Pakistani cuisines offer a variety of spicy paratha recipes including aloo paratha, gobi paratha, and methi paratha. Mainly parathas are served in the breakfast with a cup of tea however they are also good to feed the hunger at lunch and supper time.

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  • Humera - Karachi Mar 01, 2019

    Wow! This sounds like a very favourable paratha. especially the stuffing is awesome. I really liked this recipe. Can be eaten with pickles also.

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    Mooli ka paratha is a very special dish in winters. My mother makes it with amazing mint chutney and all of my family members love it. I made it from this recipe mentioned on this page.

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    Make Mooli Paratha Prepare delicious stuffed mooli paratha and change the way you do breakfast, lunch and dinner. Have it with a spicy chatni you would love it's delectable taste and my family and friends are liked my dish and appreciate very much a lot.

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    A very well written and well-compiled recipe. Easy to understand. Thanks for illustrating so well. My daughter made some delicious parathas using this recipe. Highly recommended.

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    This is the best ever recipe I found for making mooli ka paratha. I love eating parathas in winter days. Sometimes radish paratha, sometimes methi and potato paratha. It is good to eat in the breakfast.

  • Wahaj - LHR Dec 23, 2016

    as winters come, we make new types of paratha dishes. We make methi paratha , aloo paratha and mooli paratha. We also make makai ki roti which is awesome thing as well. These days I am enjoying aloo parathe in breakfast.

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