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Chicken Jalfrezi
Zari - Sahiwal Aug 15, 2017
very nice and interesting dish it is. I am fed of eating Pakistani and Indian foods. Now I want some different foods and the next cuisine comes in mind are Bangladeshi and Chinese foods. I am picking jalfrezi recipe today, I hope it will be an amazing one food to eat.
Chicken Jalfrezi
Nazish - Lalamusa Aug 11, 2017
Initially I thought that making jalfrezi is a hard deal so I had been missing it for long time. Later when I saw its recipe and made up myself to try it, then I realized it is not that hard. Then I made it with the help of your recipe and enjoyed it a lot.
Chicken Jalfrezi
Abiha - Sargodha Aug 07, 2017
Good recipe for jalfrezi chicken. This is a wonderful Chinese cuisine recipe that I always recommend to my friends. However this time I m planning a cooking session at home with all my group friends. We will make Insha Allah a very tasty chicken jalfrezi.


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