Achari Chana Daal Lauki

Recipe of Achari Chana Daal Lauki is a unique and very delicious food item in the menu of Lunch or dinner at home, its very easy to cook in a short time and served with hot nan or roti. Achari flavor brings a mouth watering taste in it, so try this traditional dish at home and enjoy the time.

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Boiled split pea lentils 250g
Tomato puree 250g
Bottlegourd 1/2kg
Large green chilies 6
Curry leaves 6
Coriander 1/2bunch
Turmeric 1tsp
Fennel seeds 1tsp
Rye 1tsp
Salt 1/2tsp
Nigella seeds 1/2tsp
Cumin 2tsp
Chaat masala 2tsp
Red chili powder 2tsp
Minced garlic 2tsp
Tamarind pulp 4tbsp
How to make Achari Chana Daal Lauki


1. Heat 1 cup oil in a skillet and fry 2tsp minced garlic until it begins to sizzle

2. Add 1tsp rye, 1/2tsp nigella seeds,2tsp cumin,2tsp red chili,1tsp turmeric and 1tsp fennel seeds.

3. Add 6 curry leaves, when the aroma is given off add the finely chopped bottle gourd.

4. Cook until the oil floats on top. Add 250g tomato puree , cover and simmer for 15 minutes

5. Now add the 250g boiled split gram beans along with ½ bunch chopped coriander

6. In a separate bowl, mix 4tbsp tamarind pulp with 2tsp chaat masala. Slit the green chilies length wise and stuff with the tamarind mixture

7. Put the chilies into the lentils, cover and simmer for 10 minutes.
Posted By: Dua Baloch, Gujrawala

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Please help me with making Achari Chana Daal Lauki recipe perfectly with an awesome taste. I have been trying Dal Recipes but this is first time I came here for looking for this dish.

  • Afareen, Peshawar

The flavor of achar is really a mouth watering as described in the recipe, thanks rida baji for the desi and unique dish. I will try it again and also recommend to my friends and family circle.

  • Sheena Azam, Multan