Ramadan 2024 Bahrain Calendar

Find Ramadan 2024 timings in Bahrain with the complete Ramadan Calendar 2024 Bahrain and 30 days timetable for all cities. Explore fasting start and end timing today easily and get a detailed alphabetically sorted list for Sehri and Iftar schedules. Stay informed with Ramadan timings in different Bahrain cities, offering a convenient guide for the Muslim community observing this sacred month.

Ramadan 2024 Timetable For Bahrain

City Sehr Iftar
Ar Rifa 03:14 am 06:26 pm
Al Hadd 03:13 am 06:25 pm
Al Muharraq 03:13 am 06:26 pm
Jidd Hafs 03:13 am 06:26 pm
Manama 03:13 am 06:26 pm
Sitrah 03:13 am 06:25 pm
Dar Kulayb 03:14 am 06:26 pm
Madinat Hamad 03:14 am 06:26 pm
Madinat Isa 03:14 am 06:26 pm

Ramadan in Bahrain:

Ramadan, recognized as the sacred month of fasting, serves as a period of spiritual contemplation and self-discipline observed by Muslims globally. Ramadan in Bahrain holds immense significance and becomes a time of both solemnity and joy. From the early morning Sehri to the evening Iftar, the city buzzes with vibrant activities and cherished traditions.

Preparations for Ramadan in Bahrain kick off well in advance. Markets brim with special foods like dates, samosas, and pakoras—traditional fare for Sehri and Iftar. Many households also lovingly craft traditional dishes like biryani and haleem to share with family and neighbors.

Throughout Ramadan, the daily rhythm of life in Bahrain undergoes a profound shift. Muslims rise early for Sehri, the pre-dawn meal marking the commencement of the fast. Sehri concludes before Fajr prayers, and numerous mosques in the city provide sehri meals for fasting individuals. Subsequently, Muslims spend their day abstaining from food, drink, and other physical needs until sunset.

As the day progresses, the anticipation for Iftar intensifies. Iftar commences just before the Maghrib prayer, and Muslims break their fast with dates and water, following the tradition of Prophet Muhammad (SAW). This is succeeded by a wholesome meal shared with family and friends, often accompanied by delectable sweets and beverages.

Beyond these daily routines, Bahrain embraces various cultural traditions during Ramadan. The Taraweeh prayer, a special ritual performed after the Isha prayer, is widely observed. Many mosques in Bahrain organize Taraweeh prayers, and some extend communal Iftar gatherings for attendees.

Yet another distinctive tradition in Bahrain is the Ramadan Bazaar, where vendors offer a diverse array of items, including clothing, jewelry, and food. The bazaar, bustling late into the night, infuses the city with a festive ambiance.

When does first Ramadan 2024 begin in Bahrain?

In Bahrain, 1st Ramadan 2024 starts at 11 March.

When does Ramadan ends in Bahrain?

In Bahrain, month of ramadan ends at 8 April.

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