Khubani Sweet with Cream Recipe

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sabit qubani : 1kg
Sugar : 1/2 kg ya hasbe maza
Flavor : one Tea spoon
Cream/Ice Cream:one brick

How to make Khubani Sweet with Cream


Ek degchi me qubani (apricot) or pani lekar chulhe per 20-30 min rakhe .
Jab qubani achi tarha gal jaye to chulhe se ootar de or us k darmiyan se badam(almond seeds)nikal de.
Ab qubani me sugar or strawberry flavour dal kar achi tarha milaye.
Ab un nikale huwe badam ka chilka nikal kar mithe mein milade.
qubani ko achi tarah freez karne k baad cream dal kar khane k liye pesh kare.

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Maheen - Hyderabad Mar 07, 2017
My uncle is a partial chef, whenever he comes from London, he cooks khubani sweet with cream and very tasty chutney recipes for all of us. We wonder how can he make tastier foods than women. Even our aunty can't cook so delicious foods.

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Khubani Sweet with Cream Recipe in English is an easy and traditional cooking recipe to prepare at home. It provides you an awesome taste of Chutney Recipes.


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