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Drumstick Also Known as Saijan ki phalli, saragavo. The fruit is a long, thin pod, resembling a Drumstick. The fruit itself is called drumstick in India. Sometimes referred to as a bean, this long, rigid pod grows on a tree. Its hard, green outer covering is rigid enough to earn its common name of drumstick. They are a popular ingredient in vegetable curries. These long, slender pods are tricky for those not brought up to eat them. The only portion consumed is the soft, almost jelly-like interior in which the seeds are embedded. The seeds, too, are nice to eat if the beans are young, but a drumstick is never young enough to eat the outer skin. Simmered in lightly salted water for 7-10 minutes they make good eating - but discard the outer skin after scooping out the pulp. Chopped drumstick Wash and clean the drumstick thoroughly. Chop off the top a bit and partially peel it with knife itself. Chop them into finger length pieces of equal size and use it in curries, sambhar or make a vegetable out of it.


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