The Chive is the smallest, though one of the finest-flavoured of the Onion tribe, belonging to the botanical group of plants that goes under the name of Allium, which includes also the Garlic, Leek and Shallot. Chives are long, thin leaves that grow from 6-20 inches long (15-50 cm.). Some species' leaves are flat, while others are tubular. They resemble green onions or scallions, but are thinner. The bulbs grow very close together in dense tufts or clusters, and are of an elongated form, with white, rather firm sheaths, the outer sheath sometimes grey. There are several related species, including Siberian chives and garlic chives. The Chive contains a pungent volatile oil, rich in sulphur, which resent in all the Onion tribe and causes their distinctive smell and taste

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