Dates: (Khajoor)

Dates meaning in Urdu is Khajoor and is a tropical Fruits celebrated for its unique flavor and color. In Urdu, Dates "Khajoor" is referred to as "کھجور" This delicious Fruits is cherished for its nutritional value and versatility in culinary delights.

Dates are among the most ancient of fruits. It's a universal nourishing fruit. It is held in high esteem from ancient times. It is a cylindrical food of reddish brown colour. It has fleshy pericarp surrounding a single seed containing 60 to 70 % sugar. It is available in fresh as well as dried form. Dates are nuggets of nutrition that satisfy a sweet tooth, making them ideal snacks to stave off hunger. Dates are availale in the market in 2 colours - black and a little dark brown in colour. Dates are a great source of dietary fiber. The American Cancer Society recommends that you consume 20-35 grams of dietary fiber a day. Dates are one of the best natural sources of potassium. Potassium is an essential mineral your body needs to maintain muscle contractions including the vital heart muscle. Potassium is needed to maintain a healthy nervous system and to balance the body’s metabolism as well.

Dates (Khajoor)

Dates meaning in Urdu:

Dates known in Pakistan and India as Khajoor, and it's meaning in Urdu is "کھجور". Where English translation of Khajoor is Dates.

Khajoor meaning in English

The word Khajoor meaning in English is "Dates", Words often carry multiple meanings in English but the accurate translation of "Khajoor" is "Dates" In Urdu, it is written as "کھجور". Similar words to "Khajoor" are often used in everyday conversations.

Dates Price :

The price of Dates (Khajoor) may vary depending on the brand and quantity.

Frequently Asked Questions on Dates

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Dates:

What is meaning of Dates in Urdu?

Dates Meanings in Urdu is known as "کھجور".

What is Khajoor meaning in English?

Khajoor in English is "Dates".

What is the price of Dates?

The price of Dates may vary depending on the brand and quantity.

How should Dates be stored?

Dates should be stored in an airtight container in a cool, dry place. This helps maintain their freshness and prevents them from becoming stale.

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