Foods That Make You Thirsty

1. Nihari

Nihari is made with large number of spices that's why it makes us thirsty. Normally, we eat nihari and drink water instantly but if we eat it in sehri or iftar time, it will make us more thirsty throughout the day.

However try this when weather is cool. Enjoy a homemade delicious food with nihari recipe by KFoods.

2. Paya

Paya is very similar to nihari. It is also made with certain spices however instead of meat, it uses trotters. Both beef and mutton paya are very famous all over Pakistan but it is recommended to avoid it in hot weather. It will make you thirstier whether you eat it in sehri or iftar.

Enjoy delicious paya recipe at Eid ul Fitr or at Eid ul Adha.

3. Biryani

Biryani is frequent choice of Pakistani foodies.
But be aware!.
It is also one of the thirst-making foods.
Biryani is prepared with spices, herbs and chillies. It is spicy and aromatic in nature. Even some types of biryani are fiery in spices. So eat biryani but with care. Avoid it at any cost in hot weather days.

Ever want to eat biryani?
Try this chicken biryani recipe

4. Fish

Fish is already known for making us thirsty. Whenever and whichever form, if we eat fish, our next action is to ask for a glass of water. If it develops this much thirst in normal days, how much would it do in heated weather.
It's better not to eat fish especially in sehri time or in the dinner late night .

Find the recipe of fried fish here and enjoy it in a cool weather.

5. Chicken Tikka

Chicken in it's simple form is fine but when it comes to chicken tikka, it is going to make us thirsty and even causing acidity in chest.
Next time when you eat a tikka, just observe it's fiery red hue and layer of spices all over it.
This is the reason it makes us more thirsty during fasting.

Try my favorite chicken tikka recipe when weather is normal.

Find the top 5 foods that make you more thirsty especially in summer days.
These days summer season is very hot and its natural to feel more thirst and dehydration in this situation. What we can do is to make precautions. Drink more water between sehri and iftar, eat a bowl of yogurt in sehri, chew some seeds of cardamom etc.

The precaution part comes when you avoid eating foods that make you thirsty.
Following We have described 5 foods that make you feel dehydrated.

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