Best Tips For Better Sleep

Best tips for better sleep- Daily sunlight or artificial bright light can improve sleep quality and duration, especially if you have severe sleep issues or insomnia. Caffeine can significantly worsen sleep quality, especially if you drink large amounts in the late afternoon or evening. Try to get into a regular sleep/wake cycle — especially on the weekends. If possible, try to wake up naturally at a similar time every day. A melatonin supplement is an easy way to improve sleep quality and fall asleep faster. Take 1–5 mg around 30–60 minutes before heading to bed. Optimize your bedroom environment by eliminating external light and noise to get better sleep. Relaxation techniques before bed, including hot baths and meditation, may help you fall asleep. There are many common conditions that can cause poor sleep, including sleep apnea. See a doctor if poor sleep is a consistent problem in your life. These are the best tips for better sleep that can help you sleep faster and longer.

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