Burger Recipes

KFoods.com offers all famous recipes of burgers. Find chicken, beef, zinger, seafood, swiss burger and many more in the list. You can make burgers for different occasions. It is a perfect snack food for breakfast, brunch and evening. You can also consider it at Iftar time.

A burger is type of sandwich which uses buns instead of bread slices. Bun is filled with any food item such as kebab, meat patty, chicken fragments, whole chicken (for zinger), omelette and others. Bun is halved horizontally from the middle, filling is placed on the lower half of the bun, condiments (usually tomato ketchup or chutney) are poured, additional ingredients (masala, onions, tomatoes, cucumber, egg) are added and then top half is placed. Burger is eaten with bites. It's a very famous fast food all over the world. Pakistan and India are the countries to have a huge demand of different sorts of burgers.

Find all the burger recipes below.

Burger Recipes Reviews

Burger is most eaten fast food as bite or in lunch. Zinger Burger right now with his special key ingredients . That''s a good recipe for everything.

  • shumaila amjad,
  • Apr 09, 2020

This is tha very Easy and simple

  • Rehan, Fuhairha Dubai
  • Sep 16, 2019

Very good stuff! If you're scaling, however, keep the amount of egg and bread crumbs the same, or you'll get goopy burgers.

  • Tazeen, Karachi
  • Jan 06, 2019