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زنگر برگر Zinger Burger

زنگر برگر Chef:Chef Asad

Zinger Burger Zinger Burger

Chef:Chef Fauzia

کرسپی فش برگر Crispy Fish Burger

کرسپی فش برگر

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باربی کیووائٹ چکن بوٹی برگر BBQ Chicken Boti Burger

باربی کیووائٹ چکن بوٹی برگر Chef:Chef Gulzar

پشاوری چپلی برگر Peshawari Chapli Burger

پشاوری چپلی برگر Chef:Chef Sara Riaz

کرسپی فرائیڈ برگر Crispy Fried Burger

کرسپی فرائیڈ برگر Chef:Chef Tahira Mateen

جمبو بیف برگر Jumbo Beef Burger

جمبو بیف برگر Chef:Chef Sara Riaz

Burger Recipes Reviews

Zinger Burger
Shameem - Sawabi Jan 08, 2018
This recipe is unexplained. can you please describe the coating process of chicken because usually when I make zinger at home, I don’t get that crisp and crunch in my chicken which I see in restaurants zingers.
KFC Zinger Burger
Amna - Sahiwal Jan 08, 2018
I was searching the recipe of zinger burger but couldn’t find any reliable one but since I found this on kfoods , I will surely make this.
Zinger Burger
Tariq - LHR Nov 26, 2017
zinger is first choice whenever we go out to enjoy foods, we suggest zinger burger to everyone and we have tried and enjoyed zinger burgers at many places. Now we wanted to hold a party at a friend's home and make some zingers ourselves.

KFoods.com offers all famous recipes of burgers. Find chicken, beef, zinger, seafood, swiss burger and many more in the list. You can make burgers for different occasions. It is a perfect snack food for breakfast, brunch and evening. You can also consider it at Iftar time.

A burger is type of sandwich which uses buns instead of bread slices. Bun is filled with any food item such as kebab, meat patty, chicken fragments, whole chicken (for zinger), omelette and others. Bun is halved horizontally from the middle, filling is placed on the lower half of the bun, condiments (usually tomato ketchup or chutney) are poured, additional ingredients (masala, onions, tomatoes, cucumber, egg) are added and then top half is placed. Burger is eaten with bites. It's a very famous fast food all over the world. Pakistan and India are the countries to have a huge demand of different sorts of burgers.

Find all the burger recipes below.


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