KFC Zinger Burger

KFC Zinger Burger Recipe – Zinger burger was first introduced by an American restaurant KFC. It is composed of a bun centre filled with crispy fried chicken fillet, cheese slice, lettuce piece, onion and tomato slices. Chicken fillet is marinated with salt, mustard paste, black pepper and then coated in flour then dipped in egg and the coating is repeated 3 -4 times to make it crispy and crunchy . Then the fillet is deep fried until cooked and golden brown. Zinger burger is assembled with half bun topped with cheese slice, then fried chicken, then mayonnaise, then lettuce piece and the other half bun over it. Zinger burger is served with French fries, ketchup and coleslaw.

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• Chicken fillets: 4 to 5 pieces
• Iceberg Lettuce: 4 to 5 leaves
• Eggs: 4 pieces
• Plain flour: 1/2 cup
• Corn flour 1/2: cup
• Mustard powder: 1 teaspoon
• Baking powder: 1 teaspoon
• Cheese slices: 4 to 5 pieces
• Hot sauce: As required
• Mayonnaise: As required
• Hot Milk: 1 cup
• Flour: 1 tablespoon
• Chicken cube: 1 piece
• Sugar: 1 teaspoon
• White pepper: 1 teaspoon
• Salt: As per your taste
• Buns: 4 to 6 pieces
• Oil: As required
How to make KFC Zinger Burger


1. Whisk all the eggs in a bowl and place aside. Add crumbled chicken cube to flour.

2. Add chicken cube flour with other dry ingredients in another bowl and mix them.

3. Smear dry ingredients all over the chicken and soak them in the beaten eggs. Repeat the process 3 to 4 times.

4. Fry the chicken until it takes golden brown color.

5. Now take the bun and cut from the middle, toast both sides of bun in the oiled pan and pour hot milk and mayonnaise.

6. Place the chicken fillets, pour hot sauce, iceberg lettuce, cheese slices and close the bun.

7. Wow, your spicy burger is ready!

KFC - The Pioneers of Zinger

Kentucky Fried (KFC) chicken was the first vendor to introduce zinger burger in the world. The original recipe of KFC zinger is the most authentic and globally demanded one. Later zinger was also offered by other restaurants but obviously the taste differs as compared to KFC zinger burgers.

KFC also offers other burgers which are KFC nacho burger, KFC tower burger, KFC bunless burger, KFC beef burger and many more.

Recipe of Zinger Burger by KFC

Zinger burger recipe is one of those fast foods which got popular within very short period of time. Zinger burger is actually product of a famous American Fast Food Company "KFC", however later it was offered by other local and multi- national food chains. Zinger burger, other than traditional burgers and bun kababs, made use of chicken instead of beef meat. Large pieces of chicken (usually chest pieces) are taken for the burger. These whole chicken pieces are then spiced and deep fried in the oil. The use of eggs on chicken also vivifies the taste of meaty filaments in the burger. The fried chicken becomes crispy and very tasty due to breadcrumbs and other condiments used with it.

KFC Zinger in Pakistan

Around 8 to 10 years ago in Karachi, zinger burger recipe was limited to a few food vendors in which KFC was the pioneer. Seeing it's crazily growing demand, other restaurants started offering zinger burgers however their tastes definitely differed. Now almost all fast food points feature zinger burger as a specialty of their restaurant in their menus.

Chicken Fillets Used in Zingers

The chicken of zingers are usually fried in commercial deep fryer which is a main fast food shop equipment nowadays. Buns are toasted on tawah and then the match of chicken and buns is made finally. Further chutneys, spices and tomato ketchup is poured before serving. You can't wait to take the bite of this delicious one when it is served hot and fresh before you.

KFC Zinger Recipe by KFoods.com

Whenever your lusts are pushing you for a zinger meal, remember this KFoods recipe. You don't necessarily have to roam on to the streets and get stuck in a traffic jam. KFoods.com has the zinger burger recipe for you; find it here and learn how to make a zinger burger by yourself at home and enjoy a fast food evening while being safe at home.

As I got this zinger burger kfc recipe, I am thinking to make it myself. So even if you are a novice cook, making zinger with this recipe is not any harder. (View how to make zinger in Urdu here).
Try crispy zinger burger recipe in the dinner tonight. What do you say?

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I love the crunchy flavour of this recipe. I usually make this recipe at home for my family. I add a litt;e amount of crushed red chilli to make it spicy.

  • Mehnaz, Faisalabad

One of our favourite choices from KFC is the zinger burger. So I tried to make it at home. It was tasty and my family really loved it.

  • Gul, Okara

It gave the exact result as I wanted. the zinger came out so crunchy and tasty, I baked it for a while to give it a more crunch. I would give it a five star. Highly recommended.

  • Najiah, New york

Kfc zinger burger is truly a divine dish that has been bestowed on Islamabad. I can never get enough of it and although the fat in it can be a bit unhealthy, I don't want to stop eating it!

  • Nasir, karachi

KFC zinger burger is a good choice to make every time you want to eat a snack at home or you just want to eat a zinger burger without spending much money.

  • Nargis, karachi