lachha paratha

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Chicken Paratha Roll
Salima - Karachi Oct 17, 2017
Thanks for the recipe. I was exactly looking for this recipe, I tried to make it my own way but could not make it perfectly. Then I searched the recipe and found yours. So I will make this paratha roll and enjoy with my children.
Chicken Paratha Roll
Sameera - Gujrat Oct 11, 2017
chicken paratha roll is a regular snack for me. I also like to make bihari rolls, biharai paratha kababs and similar snacks. I like these things very much. and that's why I have enjoyed them at home. I don't let kids eat out but make such foods for them at home.
Chicken Paratha Roll
Bushra - Peshawar Sep 27, 2017
That's a nice snack to enjoy in the evening at your home with all kids and family. My kids often insist for this and that foods from outside shops. Most of these foods are junk so I avoid buying them junk foods and make these snacks for them.


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