Lachha Paratha

Lacha or Lachedar paratha recipe is a popular Pakistani snack enjoyed with evening tea or doodh pati chai. Many Pakistani women lack the trick of making lachha paratha therefore is sharing it's recipe here. So enjoy the taste of delicious multi-layered paratha at home.

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Flour......... 2 cup
Wheat flour......... 1 cup
Extra clarified Butter for frying paratha
Salt......... ½ tsp
Clarified Butter......... 4 tbsp
How to make Lachha Paratha


1. Mix flour with wheat flour.
2. Add 4 tbsp clarified butter and salt.
3. Knead very well with Luke warm water till dough smooth.
4. Make lemon size balls turn each ball into a long roll, 1 cm thick and shape this roll so that a coil circle is formed.
5. Apply clarified butter inside as you coil the roll.
6. Roll out each circle into a dinner plate size disk and fry on a hot tawa applying clarified butter.

What is Lachha Paratha?

Lacha paratha is a multi-layered Pakistani flatbread served as snack with a cup of tea usually. Lachha or lachedar paratha is not only a popular snack in Pakistan but also in India and Bangladesh. It is a perfect breakfast item that you can eat with fried egg and tea; it also suits with evening tea too.

Main ingredients used to make lacha paratha are flour, wheat flour, clarified butter and salt. At some places, eggs are also used to bring additional taste however we are offering the standard recipe for it.

There are different types of paratha recipes varying from region to region. While traveling from Karachi to Khyber, you would find dozens of types of paratha such as Poori paratha, pathani paratha, aloo paratha, Keema paratha, Lahori paratha, Peshawari paratha, lachedar or lachha paratha recipe and the list goes on.

That's all!

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They are missing the joy of having lacha paratha that is available at tea shops in Karachi and Hyderabad. Why on the earth you don't make it? Don't have the recipe?

Lacha paratha is a trendy snack all over Pakistan. Karachi guys especially like it with cup of tea. It's specialty is the spiral and crisp in it which other parathas lack. The rings in this paratha are formed with a special technique which we will guide in the recipe. There is a special way of making the flour balls which results in layered appearance once paratha is made. Unlike other parathas, lacha paratha is wrapped first in a coil form and then flattened with rolling pin.

And that's the thing which makes it so preferred and demanding.

Now you got the lachha paratha recipe, so have another superb snack for evening. Enjoy it!

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I made it for my husband as he likes to eat parathy. He was so happy that I did it for him. I would like to say thanks to you for this much easy recipe. I must appreciate your method.

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I made these parathas for my siblings as I am eldest of all of them. All of my little brothers and sisters liked it very much. And the credit goes to you only.

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lachedar paratha is very tasteful and i often eat it with doodh patti chai. Now looking the recipe and exploring how to make it myself. lachha paratha is a thing that all people eat happily in my home. I would try this for the first time and hope it will be very tasteful.

  • QuratulAin, Islamabad

this is my favorite paratha and at some restaurants, they make so soft and delicious paratha that we like to eat it again and again. Now we can make paratha by this recipe and I would be glad to have this delicious food at home. I will try it in the morning for breakfast.

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